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XIS Non X-ray Background Estimation

2008-07-08 by the XIS team

Before Suzaku FTOOLS Version 7, the tool and the data set of night Earth released from the XIS team were used to estimate the non X-ray background (NXB).

At Suzaku FTOOLS Version 7, which was a part of HEAsoft Version 6.4 released in December, 2007, the tool was upgraded to xisnxbgen and was released as one of the official FTOOLS. The NXB database was released as a part of the official Suzaku CALDB.

Now users should use xisnxbgen with the Suzaku CALDB instead of to estimate the NXB. The tool is now obsolete. The FTOOLS help document and the Suzaku ABC guide give detailed information about xisnxbgen.

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