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XISRMFGEN: XIS Response Generator

Xisrmfgen is a response generator for the Suzaku XIS. It takes into account the time variation of the energy response, appropriate for XIS data obtained with or without spaced-row charge injection (SCI). (NOTE: Older versions did not have the capability to handle XIS data with SCI. The calibration of XIS data with SCI has been incorporated in the HEAsoft 6.3.0 and later versions of xisrmfgen.)

To use xissimrmfgen, simply extract a spectrum of your target using XSELECT and type:

example% xisrmfgen phafile=src_xis1.pi outfile=xis1.rmf
Here we assumed the input spectral file name of "src_xis1.pi" and "xis1.rmf" as the output response file name.

Note that xisrmfgen requires the spectral file to have a WMAP (weighted map) in detector coordinates. This is the default in the current and recent (HEAsoft 6.1.2 or later) releases of XSELECT, although older versions defaulted to sky coordinates.

The following warning message:

xisrmfgen: WARNING: Weighted map or image is not in DET coordinate.
xisrmfgen: WARNING: Use constant weight on whole CCD.

is the indication that the WMAP is in SKY coordinates. In this case, xisrmfgen generates a response file assuming a constant WMAP over the whole CCD. The current xisrmfgen does not consider spatial variation of spectral response on the CCD chip, which is negligible for the current data. Therefore, the practical effect of this is negligible. Nevertheless, it is advisable to generate spectral files with the DET coordinate WMAP. To do so using older versions of XSELECT, issue the command:

xsel:SUZAKU-XIS1-STANDARD  set wmapname detx dety
before extracting the spectrum.

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