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XISSIMARFGEN: Recommended Usage and Caveats

Problem with region files generated using ds9 ver.4 --- SOLVED

The older versions of xissimarfgen (ver. 2006-11-26) did not understand region files generated using version 4 of ds9.

This is no longer the case: the current (HEAsoft v6.3.0 and later) xissimarfgen (ver. 2007-07-16) understand region files generated with ds9 version 4.

Caveats when generating ARFs in sky coordinates

Users may need to specify the sky reference position when generating ARFs in the SKY coordinates. Please refer to Appendix 2.3 of Ishisaki et al. (2006) for more details.

When users choose

  • source_mode = SKYFITS
    • No need for the users to specify this: skyref is automatically read from the FITS header keywords.
  • source_mode = SKYXY or region_mode = SKYFITS, SKYREG, SKYCIRC
    • If pointing = USER
      • Users must specify the ref_alpha, ref_delta, and ref_roll parameters, which are utsed for skyref
    • If pointing = AUTO (default)
      • If an attitude file is supplied
        • No need for user action: skyref is read from the header of the attitude file: Recommended
      • If attitude= NONE
        • Users must specify the Euler angles, from which skyref is calculated.

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