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Cyclotron Feature in A0535+262

Cyclotron Line in A0535

Credit: Terada et al. / ISAS/JAXA / Suzaku GOF

The binary X-ray pulsar A0535+262 was observed with Suzaku in 2005 September, during the decline from an outburst. The above plot shows the HXD (PIN in red, GSO in blue) spectra of A0535+262 divided by those of the Crab: since the latter is featureless, the ratio is a good indicator of spectral features in the source. A cyclotron feature is clearly seen in the form of dips at about 50 keV both in the PIN and the GSO ratios (the different shapes reflect the different spectral resolutions of the two types of detectors). The high sensitivity of Suzaku HXD therefore enabled Terada et al. (2006) to extend the study of cyclotron energy vs. luminosity correlation in this accreting pulsar to a substantiall lower luminosity level than before.

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