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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Energy-Resolved Images of the Galactic Center Region

XIS Spectrum of the GC region

XIS Image of the GC region at 2.45 keV

XIS Image of the GC region at 3-5 keV

XIS Image of the GC region at 6.4 keV

XIS Image of the GC region at 6.7 keV

Credit: Koyama et al. / ISAS/JAXA / Suzaku GOF

Due to the superior energy resolution of the XIS, the Suzaku observations of the Galactic Center region have revealed details of the X-ray spectra that were never seen so clearly before (top). Koyama et al. (2007) present the diagnostics from Fe K alpha, Fe K belta, and Ni K alpha lines.

In the lower panels, a series of narrow-band images of the Galactic Center regions (from top to bottom, 2.45 keV; 3-5 keV; 6.4 keV; and 6.7 keV) are shown. Different objects stand out in different band, including molecular clouds that stand out in the 6.4 keV fluorescent line.

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