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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Physics and Astronomy Department at the John Hopkins University organized a local one-day workshop in the Baltimore and Washington area to celebrate the Suzaku three years operation. The workshop was also an opportunity for astronomers who would not normally participate in an X-ray astronomy conference to learn about recent results and developments. The event was attended by over 60 astronomers from 10 institutions.

Many thanks to the organizers Tahir Yaqoob and Kendrah Murphy and to JHU.

SESSION #1 (Chair: Lorella Angelini)
09.30 R. Petre............ Mission Overview
10.00 K. Mukai ..... Resources and Results: GO Observations, Archive, and Publications
10.10 C. Reynolds . The Suzaku View of X-ray Binaries
10.25 R. Smith ...... A Mini-Survey of Highly-Absorbed X-ray Binaries
10:40 A. Markowitz The Suzaku View of Fe K Emission Features in Seyfert 1 AGN
10:55 T. Yaqoob .... Suzaku X-ray Spectroscopy of Obscured AGN
11:10-11:30 BREAK
SESSION #2 (Chair: Laura Brenneman)
11:30 S. Drake .... Stellar Coronae, Flares, and Winds, as Seen by Suzaku
11:45 K. Hamaguchi .... Suzaku Observations of Massive Binary Systems
12:00 K. Mukai ..... Reflections On, and In, Suzaku Observations of Cataclysmic Variables
12:15 S. Katsuda .... A Brief Review of Suzaku Results on Supernova Remnants
12:30 -13:30 LUNCH BREAK
SESSION #3 (Chair: Tim Heckman)
13.30 R. Smith ..... Diffuse Soft X-rays: From the Local Hot Bubble or the Solar Wind?
13:45 D. Strickland .... Nearby Starbursts with Suzaku
14:00 A. Ptak .... Suzaku Observations of Ultra-Luminous Infra-Red Galaxies (ULIRGs)
14:15 M. Loewenstein....... Probing New Astrophysical Regimes in Groups and Clusters of Galaxies with Suzaku
14:35 R. Kelley The Astro-H Mission: The Next Step
15:05 R. Sambruna .... Suzaku Observations of the Broad Line Radio Galaxy 3C 390
15:20 K. Murphy .... Probing Accretion and Circumnuclear Material in AGN
15:35-16:05 BREAK
SESSION #4 (Chair: Ehud Behar)
16:05 T. J. Turner .... Absorption-Dominated Models for the Observed X-ray Properties of AGN
16:20 L. Brenneman .... Constraining Black Hole Spin in Seyfert 1 AGN with Suzaku
16:35 S. Katsuda .... Suzaku Observations of Thermal and Non-Thermal X-ray Emission from the Middle-Aged Supernova Remnant G156.2+5.7
16:50 H. Krimm .... Correlative Anlaysis of GRBs Detected by Swift and Suzaku-WAM
17:05 J. Schnittman .... X-ray Polarization from Accreting Black Holes
17:20 END

The presentations are either in MS PowerPoint format (free viewers for various systems can be obtained from MicroSoft) or in PDF format (download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader). We plan to provide PDF versions of the presentations that are in PowerPoint format in the near future.

If you have any questions concerning Suzaku, visit the Feedback form.

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