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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Launch Status & Updates

Last Updated 2005 July 10

Astro-E2 was successfully launched on 12:30 pm JST on July 10, 2005. Following the tradition of Japanese space missions, it was renamed Suzaku.

Recent Events

  • May 23: Astro-E2 was shipped to the launch site of Uchinoura.
  • May 31: The final detailed functional test was succesfully completed.
  • Jun 19: Astro-E2 was connected to the 3rd stage.
  • Jun 22: Short functional test.
  • Jun 23: Nose fairing installed.
  • Jun 25: Short functional test.
  • Jun 27: Astro-E2 satellite plus the 3rd stage were mounted on the second stage, thus completing the assembly of the M-V-6 launch vehicle.
  • Jun 30: Short functional test.
  • Jul 1: The rocket was rolled out into the launch position for a communications check.
  • Jul 3: Launch rehearsal - the simulation continued through all stage separations and the pass over the ground station at Santiago, Chile.
  • Jul 5: Low-temperature top-off completed (He tank is now 92.2% full, enough to last 3 years in orbit).
  • Jul 6: Launch scrubbed due to inclement weather.
  • Jul 7: Launch delayed further to Jul 10, as the weather looks unfavorable for the 8th and the 9th. Cryogen re-cool procedure initiated.
  • Jul 8: Successfully completed the Low-temperature top-off of the helium dewar.
  • Jul 10: Launch!

If you have any questions concerning Suzaku, visit the Feedback form.

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