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Changes from Previous Versions

CALDB hxd20090402_xis20090402_xrt20080709_xrs20060410 (this includes routine update of HXD/GSO gain history as well as the first release of the XIS light leak history files) The Suzaku software is updated from version 10 to 12.

CALDB hxd20090109_xis20090109_xrt20080709_xrs20060410 (this includes routine update of HXD/GSO gain history)

CALDB hxd20081009_xis20081009_xrt20080709_xrs20060410 The Suzaku software is updated from version 8 to 10. Now able to process Epoch 5 HXD/PIN data.

CALDB hxd20080602_xis20080602_xrt20080602_xrs20060410 The Suzaku software is updated from version 7 to 8.

CALDB hxd20080201_xis20080201_xrt20070622_xrs20060410 The Suzaku software is updated from version 6 to 7. This includes the critical bug fix of hxdpi. The ae_xi[0-3]_rmfparam_xxxxxx.fits, which contains the time dependent energy resolution of SCI-on data, is updated.

CALDB hxd20071101_xis20071101_xrt20070622_xrs20060410 The ae_xi[0-3]_makepi_xxxxxx.fits, which contains the time dependent CTI parameters of SCI-on data, is updated. The decrease in the gain after 2006 September can be corrected with this file.

CALDB hxd20071016_xis20071016_xrt20070622_xrs20060410

CALDB hxd20070914_xis20070807_xrt20070622_xrs20060410 The lower threashold level of a HXD-PIN (W10p0) was increased due to the development of the noise contamination.

Modify handling of XIS day/night data and GTIs for trend area. This is required by XIS team to develop background files. The STATUS/GRADE row select was removed from Day/Night files and the unsaturated GTI was AND'ed with the filtering GTI. This version will be tested and cut down to only generate XIS day/night and GTIs in trend area for HEASARC to back fill the archives with correct files to the beginning of mission. Then it will become the new pipeline. It almost certainly will be replaced quickly by a new CALDB version.

Modify to support new script type "as" for special runs.

Modify to use mission=ae to point to SUZAKU in xselect.mdb instead of Astro-E2 as it was doing. This caused extractor to create STDGTI for XIS cleaned files instead of GTI.

Change to replace fmerge by ftmerge since fmerge has a bug that causes incorrect outputs in FRAMES extensions.

Change quzcif_for_v2_1.ksh to use .hk file in place of .tim.

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This file was last modified on Friday, 29-May-2009 16:59:19 EDT

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