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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

XISSIM: XIS Event Simulator

Xissim simulates XIS photon events. It is useful for simulating contamination from nearby sources or diffuse sources, which is difficult to evaluate from a simple simulation with XSPEC. To generate a simulated event list, users should take three main steps:

1) decide how to place the XIS field of view (FOV) on the sky;
2) fake incident photons from celestial sources in the XIS FOV; and
3) simulate XIS events of the faked photons, taking into account the XRT efficiency and the XIS response.

Xissim (version 2008-04-05) and related tools are available as components of the Suzaku FTOOLS. Calibration files needed to run xissim are mostly available in the Suzaku CALDB package.

We recommending the XIS response files for simulation in running xissim, which assumes the energy resolution expected at September 2009.

The following pages describe a step-by-step guide of the simulation procedure.

  1. Mapping the XIS FOV on the sky
  2. Faking incident photons with mkphlist
  3. Simulating XIS events with xissim

The final event list has the event FITS format, so that users can analyze the simulated data as the actual data analysis.

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