List of Figures

  1. Introduction to the FOV
  2. A1795 Temperature Profile Comparison
  3. SWCX Contamination Spectrum
  4. ESAS Flow Chart
  5. Anomalous CCD Spectra
  6. Event Images Including Anomalous State
  7. A1795 Temporal Filtering
  8. A1795 Temporal Filtering
  9. Temporal Filtering of Heavily Contaminated Light Curve
  10. Cheese intermediate files
  11. A1795 Cheese Mask Image
  12. A1795 MOS1 (Source and Background) and FWC Spectra
  13. A1795 PN (Source and Background) and FWC Spectra
  14. A1795 Count and Exposure Images
  15. Corner Data Augmentation Plots
  16. Fitted A1795 Spectra
  17. A1795 Spectral Model Components
  18. Spectral Fits to QPB Spectra
  19. A1795 Radial Profile Regions
  20. Fitted MOS and PN A1795 Radial Profile Spectra
  21. A1795 Fitted Temperature Radial Profile
  22. A2204 Fitted Temperature Radial Profile
  23. Comparison of A1795 Radial Profiles
  24. Cross-Talk ARF Comparison
  25. Particle Background Images
  26. Soft Proton Background Images
  27. SWCX Background Images
  28. Stray Light Image
  29. LMC Stray Light Image
  30. Smoothed A1795 Image
  31. A1795 Smoothing FWHM Image
  32. M101 Observation Light Curve Filtering
  33. Hard and Soft M101 Mosaic Images
  34. M101 Merged Exposure Map
  35. Coma Cluster Mosaic
  36. Mosaic Mode Pointing Demonstration
  37. The plots produced by mosback
  38. The plots produced by pnback