emanom reads a MOS event file, calculates the 0.4-0.8/2.5-5.0 keV hardness ratio for the corner data for each CCD, and determines whether the CCD is in an anomalous state or not. The hardness ratios (anomhrN), the uncertainty in the hardness ratios (anomheN), and the anomalous state flag (anomflN) for each chip (N) is written to the primary header of the event file.

The anomalous state flags are


20ptThe current location should be the working directory.

20ptThe soft proton filtering need not be done before this routine is run as the energy bands used by emanom and espfilt are disjoint.

Calling Parameters:

20pteventfile – The name of the input event file containing a MOS exposure.

20ptwritekeys – If yes (the default) writes the header keywords, otherwise it does not.

20ptwritelog – If yes (the default) writes a log file, otherwise it does not.

20ptkeepcorner – If yes (the default) the corner event list is saved (not recommended)

20ptcornerfile – The name of the out event file containing only the corner data. If keepcorner set to “yes” and the cornerfile parameter is not set, the output will be in temp_corner.fits.


20ptM1S001-anom.log or M2S002-anom.log – A file containing the hardness ratios, hardness ratio errors, and anomalous state flags for the instrument.

20ptteemp_corner.fits or the user specified file – An event file containing the events from the corners only.


20ptemanom eventfile=mos1S0001.fits writekeys=yes keepcorner=no