Appendix A provides detailed information on how to run the individual tasks of the XMM-ESAS package. prefix is used to indicate a general identifier of output files. It is the unique exposure identifier for the data set, e.g., 1S001 or 2U002 for the MOS instruments, where it is preceded in file names by the letters mos, e.g., mos1S001 or mos2U002. For the pn the prefix is of the form, e.g., S003 or U003 preceded by the letters pn, e.g., pnS003 or pnU003.

Since the ESAS tasks are now part of SAS, SAS must be initialized, with $SAS_ODF and $SAS_CCF pointing to the appropriate locations. The ODF data must be on disk and unzipped and the current location should be the working directory.

What follows is an alphabetical list of the tasks that will be described in the remainder of this appendix. If a bug is found in the original version, please let the authors know about it. Be aware that the FORTRAN routines can't be updated without recompiling, which is beyond the scope of what most users will want to do.