convregion converts region information in sky coordinates (RA,Dec) into region information in detector coordinates (DETX,DETY). It operates in three modes where 1) region input and output files are used, 2) ascii file lists of region descriptors are both input and output, and 3) region descriptors for individual regions are input on the command line and output on the screen. Currently only circular and elliptical regions are supported.


20ptThe current location should be the working directory.

20ptA region information file with entries in celestial coordinates with RA and Dec in decimal degrees, the radius in circular regions in arc minutes or the semi-major and semi-minor axes in arc minutes for elliptical regions, and the rotation angle in decimal degrees for elliptical regions.

Calling Parameters:

20ptmodemode=1 uses fits region files for both input and output. mode=2 uses ASCII files for both input and output. Each line is an ordered groups of SHAPE, RA, DEC, R (for elliptical regions the semi-major and semi-minor axes are stored in R), and ROTANG (ROTANG is not included for circular regions. mode=3 uses direct input of parameters, with output to the screen.

20ptinregion – Input region file (either .fits format or ASCII). An example ASCII file:

ELLIPSE  84.7 -68.35 4.0 2.0 25.0
!ELLIPSE 84.5 -68.45 5.0 3.0 25.0
ellipse  84.3 -68.55 6.0 4.0 25.0
!ellipse 84.1 -68.65 7.0 5.0 25.0
CIRCLE   84.7 -68.65 4.0
!CIRCLE  84.5 -68.55 5.0
circle   84.3 -68.45 6.0
!circle  84.1 -68.35 7.0

20ptoutregion – Output region file (either .fits format or ASCII, will be the same format as the input file).

20ptimagefile – Sky coordinate image used to extract the observation coordinates and roll angle.

20ptIn addition, only for mode=3: shape, ra, dec, radius or semimajor and semiminor, and rotangle (elliptical regions only) can be input parameters.


20ptmode=1 – User named region fits file

20ptmode=2 – User named file containing region data

20ptmode=3 – Screen output with region data


20ptconvregion mode=1 inputfile=input-radec.fits outputfile=output-det-mos1.fits imagefile=mos1S001-fovimt.fits

20ptconvregion mode=2 inputfile=input.txt outputfile=output-det-mos1.txt imagefile=mos1S001-fovimt.fits

20ptconvregion mode=3 imagefile=mos1S001-fovimt.fits shape=CIRCLE ra=84.7 dec=-68.35 radius=5.0