emlmerge creates a master list of sources detected from a list of observations which have been processed to the point of creating an emldetect source list. Sources are compared and those within 2" of each other have the one with the lower flux thrown out. emlmerge will process source lists with only a total band as created by it cheese or with two bands, hard and soft, along with a total band as created by it cheese.

The output fits file can then be used on the individual observation (obsID) level to make self-consistent cheese masks for the mosaicking of observations.


20ptThe individual observations which will have their emldetect source lists merged must be processed through cheese.

Calling Parameters:

20ptdirfile – File containing the list of observations for data to be merged. For instance, if the merging processing is being done in the directory /DATA/merge and the individual observations are located in the parallel directories /DATA/obs1/proc and /DATA/obs2/proc, the file dirlist.dat should have the entries:


20ptmaxlikelim – Minimum maximum-likelihood detection significance four sources in the merged source list.

20ptrunemlfill – If true, will run emlfill one each emllist.fits file before merging.


20ptemllist_merged.fits – The merged source list fits file in the same format as the emllist.fits file.


20ptemlmerge dirfile=dir.dat maxlikelim=15.0