X-ray Astronomy School

Sept 10-12, 2001
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

An introduction to X-ray Astronomy instrumentation and
data analysis techniques for graduate students and postdocs.


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With the launch of Chandra and XMM-Newton, X-ray astronomy is becoming increasingly important for research into many topics in astrophysics. However, many astronomers have never analyzed X-ray data and do not have a clear idea of the features and challenges involved.

To enable young astronomers to get a good command of what is fast becoming an important sub-topic in astronomy, we are organizing a X-ray school intended for graduate students and recent postdocs with little or no experience in X-ray data analysis.

The emphasis will be on the foundations of X-ray astronomy rather than on any particular software tools.

If you are interested in attending this X-ray school, please send mail to xrayschool@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov

If you want to register to this school, please go to the school registration page.

Organized jointly by : NASA Goddard
The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
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