Centaurus Cluster:  A cluster of galaxies about 170 million light years from Earth, located in the constellation Centaurus.
NASA/IoA/J.Sanders & A.Fabian
X-ray Astronomy School 
August 18-22, 2002
Coolfont Lodge, Berkeley Springs, WV

Registration Deadline:  May 31, 2002

Program Schedule

1E0657-56:  An extremely hot galaxy cluster about 4 billion light years from Earth
Credit: NASA/SAO/CXC/M.Markevitch et al.

2002 X-ray Astronomy School Announcement
Goals and Purpose
Program and Schedule
Registration Information
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This is the schedule of the lectures.
Note that there will be a small welcoming/logistics talk given on Sunday night by Ilana Harrus.
Monday, August 19
Chair: Ilana Harrus
8:30-9.30Introduction to X-ray astronomy (PPT, HTML)Keith Arnaud
9.30-10.30X-ray Optics (PDF) Dan Schwartz
10.30-11.30Statistics I (PDF)Peter Freeman
11:30-5:00 BREAK
Chair: Dan Schwartz
5:00-6:00 SNRs and ISM (PDF) Randall Smith
6:00-7:00 Gratings (HTML)Vinay Kashyap
7:00-8:00 Imaging Analysis (PDF) Aneta Siemiginowska
Tuesday, Aug 20.
Chair: Aneta Siemiginowska
8:30-9.30Statistics II (PDF)Peter Freeman
9.30-10.30 Atomic Physics (PDF) Randall Smith
10.30-11.30 Stars (HTML)Vinay Kashyap
11:30-5:00 BREAK
Chair: Peter Freeman
5:00-6:00 Low resolution spectra(PPT, HTML) Keith Arnaud
6:00-7:00 Proportional counters (PDF) Dan Schwartz
7:00-8:00 AGN (PDF) Aneta Siemiginowska
Wednesday, Aug 21.
Chair: Ilana Harrus
8:30-9.30 Contiuum processes (PDF) Dan Schwartz
9.30-10.30 Source detection (HTML) Vinay Kashyap/Peter Freeman
10.30-11.30 CCDs I (PDF-- I and II) Mark Bautz
11:30-5:00 BREAK
Chair: Vinay Kashyap
5:00-6:00 CCDs II (PDF-- I and II) Mark Bautz
6:00-7:00 Clusters (PPT, HTML) Keith Arnaud
7:00-8:00 High resolution spectra (PDF) Randall Smith
Thursday, Aug 22.
Chair: Randall Smith
8:30-9.30 Timing (PDF) Craig Markwardt
9.30-10.30 How to write a great proposal Panel
10.30-11.30 The future(PPT, HTML) Keith Arnaud

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