General Tools

These Web-based tools are designed to assist scientists in their proposal and general data analysis efforts. The HEASARC provides these tools as a service to the scientific community. [FTOOLS, a general FITS file utility programs and mission-specific data analysis tools can be found on the Software page].

Latest News
  • Viewing tool updated (22 Jul 2014)
    The Swift pole constraints have been updated in the Viewing tool. The revised coefficients extrapolate the trend for the next year. The web interface has also been enhanced with improved error handling.
  • WebPIMMS tool updated (09 Jul 2014)
    WebPIMMS has been updated with a revamped web interface that has improved error handling.
  • X-Ray Background Tool v2.5 released (19 Feb 2013)
    The X-Ray Background Tool has been enhanced with support for extraction regions with radii up to 10 degrees.
  • xTime tool updated (24 Jan 2013)
    NuSTAR support has been added to xTime. Also, some unused mission day formats have been removed.
  • Viewing tool updated (15 Aug 2012)
    As per recently updated mission guidelines, the Sun angle constraint for Suzaku has been updated to 70-115 degrees.

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