Hitomi Instruments Calibration Documents

Listed below are documents associated to the calibration file stored in CALDB as well as the the format of the FITS calibration files

Document name Description Note
ah_sct_caldb_v20170630 Document describing the CALDB format for all CALDB files 2017-06-30
astroh_sct_fits_vs20161027 Document describing the format of the science FITS file 2016-10-27
jaxa_hitomi_memo_2016-001_v30 Document : Note on Hitomi attitude accuracy 2016-12-23
jaxa_hitomi_memo_2016-001_attach_v53-5 Document : Plot of Hitomi Attitude Accuracy (STT ON/OFF) 2016-12-23
GEN Calibration
asth_all_caldb_instmap_v20160310 Instrument Map File 1st version
asth_gen_caldb_saa_v20161012 Rigidity and SAA File Update 20161012
astroh_sct_021_v20160304 Time Assignment System File Update 20160304
astroh_sct_020_20170925 Coordinate Definition Update 20170925
HXI Calibration
asth_hxi_caldb_badpix_v20160310 Badpix/Threshold File 1st version
asth_hxi_caldb_enecut_v20160310 Energy Cut File 1st version
asth_hxi_caldb_gain_v20160920 Energy Gain File 2nd version
asth_hxi_caldb_lsfqe_v20161223 Line spread function and Quantum efficiency Files 3rd version
asth_hxi_caldb_line_v20160310 Fluorescence Line File 1st version
asth_hxi_caldb_remap_v20160310 Channel Remapping File 1st version
asth_hxt_caldb_mirror_v20161223 Mirror Definition File 2nd version
asth_sct_cams_v20160915 CAMS Definition File 2nd version
SGD Calibration
asth_sgd_caldb_rmf_v20171211 RMF File 1st version
asth_sgd_caldb_badpix_v20160310 Badpix/Threshold File 1st version
asth_sgd_caldb_gain_v20160310 Energy Gain File 1st version
SXI Calibration
asth_sxt_caldb_mirror_v20161223 Tel. Definition File & Optical Constant (also for SXT) 3rd version
asth_sxt_caldb_auxtrans_v20161223 Auxiliary transmission to apply at the effective area 1st version
asth_caldb_telarea_v20161223 On-Axis Tel. Effective Area (also for HXT and SXT) 3rd version
asth_sxi_caldb_badpix_v20160310 Badpix File 1st version
asth_sxi_caldb_qe_v20161130 Quantum Efficiency File 1st version
asth_sxi_caldb_contami_v20161223 Contamination File 2nd version
asth_sxi_caldb_mask_v20160310 Mask File 1st version
asth_sxi_caldb_pattern_v20160310 Pattern Grade Definition File 1st version
asth_sxi_caldb_rmfparam_v20160310 Response Matrix File 1st version
asth_sxi_caldb_allgain_v20180131 Describes all the quantities involved in the gain definition 1st version
SXS Calibration
asth_sxs_caldb_filterfiles_v20161223 Gate Valve and Filter Wheel Filters geometry used in the arf generation 2nd version
asth_sxs_caldb_blckfilt_v20161223 Blocking filters 1st version
asth_sxs_caldb_gainant_v20160310 Anticoincidence Detector Gain File 1st version
asth_sxs_caldb_gainpix_v20161223 Detector Gain File 3rd version
asth_sxs_caldb_linefit_v20161223 Natural Line Shapes of Calibration Sources File 2nd version
asth_sxs_caldb_quanteff_v20160310 Detector Quantum Efficiency File 1st version
asth_sxs_caldb_gatevalve_v20161223 Gate Valve Window Transmission File 4th version
asth_sxs_caldb_coeftime_v20160829 Timing Coefficients File 2nd version
asth_sxs_caldb_rmfparam_v20161223 RMF parameter File 2nd version
asth_sxs_caldb_secpulse_v20170330 Mid resolution secondary PHA correction 1st version

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