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INTEGRAL U.S. Guest Observer Facility
Procedure for downloading data from the INTEGRAL archive at the HEASARC
  1. Access the INTEGRAL Public Data Archive at the ISDC Browse interface.

  2. Use the Browse interface to select the SCW data relevant for your source and then choose 'Save SCW list.'

  3. This will give an ASCII list of the science windows in the following form:

    #  Date: 2004-08-31T16:00:57
    #  Obs_ID(s): 88600190005, 88600190003, 88600230001, 88600240001, 
    88600300001, 88600190004, 88600190002, 88600190006, 88600190001
    Save this list as a text file if this is not already done. Then edit the file, deleting all lines prior to the first line beginning with 'scw/'.

  4. Now run our Perl script, make_download. It will prompt you for a file containing the list of SCWs. This is the text file you just created. It will also query you about including AUX reference and revolution data in the download. We recommend including this in your download. The script will output the shell script 'scw-aux_download' in the run directory.

  5. Run 'scw-aux_download' in the directory where you wish to create your data repository. It will create a 'data' directory with 'aux' and 'scw' subdirectories filled with newly downloaded data.

  6. You will now have to create your 'ic', 'idx', and 'cat' subdirectories in the 'data' directory. If you have performed previous INTEGRAL data analyses these data may already exist on your local disks. If this is the case, then create soft links using 'ln -s' to these pre-existing data. WARNING: This should only be done if the existing 'ic', 'idx', and 'cat' data were from analyses containing data from spacecraft revolutions later than the current download. If appropriate 'ic', 'idx', and 'cat' data do not already exist locally, then you should download these data directly from the HEASARC archive using the script ic-idx-cat_download. This shell script creates and fills the 'ic', 'idx', and 'cat' subdirectories in the newly created 'data' directory when run in the parent directory of 'data.'

  7. Set the environmental variable REP_BASE_PROD to this 'data' directory containing your newly downloaded data.

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