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What happened to NDADS?

When the ROSAT archive at GSFC was officially opened on 1 Nov 1992, the prime source of ROSAT data was the NSSDC NDADS system. Users would access data via e-mail request to the NDADS ARMS server, and data would be staged by ARMS to an anonymous ftp account where users could then download it to their local machine. On 18 Apr 1997, a memo of understanding between the HEASARC and the NSSDC was signed in which prime responsibility for serving ROSAT data to the public was moved from the NSSDC to the HEASARC, with the NSSDC having ultimate responsibility for the deep ROSAT data archive.

Users can now access ROSAT data at GSFC directly from the HEASARC, and via the W3BROWSE or Xamin web-based archive interfaces.

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