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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
PROS Status, by Dan Harris

PROS Status

June 94         2.3.1   patch supporting RDF data formats, & non-SUN 
			porting issues.

Summer 95 2.4 patch with enhancements, bug fixes, and port to solaris

System Configuration

1. OS. 4.1.3, Fortran 1.4
2. Running IRAF 2.10.3 Beta since February 94

PROS Ports

1. Solaris

New PROS Tasks

* EVALVG (xproto) -> Computes the earth_satellite_target angle (EST) and the sun_earth_satellite (SES) angle and produces an output table with the time history of these two angles.

* QPSIM (xspatial) -> Generates a simulated event-list from sources of given intensity, shape, and position for a ROSAT HRI field.

* SRCINTEN (xspatial) -> Calculates the count rate from a given source region for a ROSAT HRI source. It incorporates an accurate ROSAT HRI PRF off-axis.

PROS Task Enhancements

FITS2QP (xdataio) ->

* Now handles TSCAL/TZERO extension keywords in FITS files by applying the scales/offsets to the appropriate columns, promoting types as necessary.

* Allows the user to specify which columns in the event definition should be considered `x' and `y' in the QPOE file.

RARC2PROS (xdataio) -> Adds new light curve tables for PSPC.

Software Support

1. Documentation
2. User support/hotseat activities
3. Bug/Enhancment database - logging and closing see help `bugs' in pros

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

Please use the Feedback link if you have questions on ROSAT.

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