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BeppoSAX U.S. Coordination Facility

BeppoSAX Data Archive :
The calibration data

* Responses and Arfs
The latest responses were released on Sep 1997. There is one rmf for each of the Narrow field instruments, e.g. LECS, MECS1, MECS2, MECS3, HPGSPC and PDS. The arfs for the MECSs and LECS instruments are provided for different extraction radius. The MECS arfs have been generated for the single units (MECS1 MECS2 and MECS3), for the three units combined (MECS) and for the MECS2 and MECS3 combined (MECS23). The arfs for the three or two combined MECS units should be used with the MECS1 rmf, and are appropriated to spectra extracted from an event file where the MECS units are combined (either 1,2,3 or 2,3). Offaxis matrices (Release date Feb 1999) for the MECS are available for 6 14 and 20 arcmins offaxis for an extraction radius of 3 arcmins.

At HEASARC, the latest responses are available via ftp in the directory sax/cal/responses/98_11 . An update for the LECS responses for strong sources is in the directory sax/cal/responses/99_12 .

* Background files Background files, spectra and events, obtained from blank-sky observations are available for the LECS and MECS. For the MECS the background spectra and events files are provided for the single units or for the combined units. The background event files were accumulated during blank-sky observations but also during the dark earth observations. The latter are a good approximation of the instrumental background.

At HEASARC, the latest background spectral files and background events files are available via ftp in the directory in the sax/cal/bgd/98_11 . An update for the LECS background file is availble in the directory sax/cal/bgd/99_12 .

* Basic calibration data
The Basic calibration files are necessary when processing the data with the SAXDAS software package. The basic calibration files are provided either as tar files one for each instrument to be installed with the software or as a unique tar file to be installed in the CALDB database

The location of all the above calibration files in the HEASARC ftp area mirrors the data organization of the SAX-SDC ftp area. However all the above calibration data (responses background and basic files) have been also ingested in the HEASARC calibration database dedicated to sax also available via the HEASARC FTP area . A separate document describes the content of the BeppoSAX CALDB area ( ps file) as available at HEASARC.

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