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6 Aug 2001 The AO5 approved list of targets
* Proposal Information
The BeppoSAX AO5 calls for proposals for Prime Observing Time (OT) of NFI and WFC for the period June 2001 30 april 2002. For A05 100% ofthe prime time is dedicated to the Guest Observer Program (GOP) and is open for competition to proposals led by PI from any country worldwide.
The BeppoSAX Announcement of Opportunity-AO5 document is available in the ftp area on the local server as PS or Tex file and as HTML clicking here. The BeppoSAX Observers' Handbook and the Addendum are also available in the local ftp area only in PS format .

The proposal deadline is 21 May 2001

To submit the proposal observers need to mail the proposal form and deposit the scientific justification in the SDC ftp area.
* How to get Proposal Forms
The proposal forms can be obtained :
* How to submit the Proposal
Submission of the proposal is only electronic.
  • The proposal form (without the Scientific Justification) must be sent via e-mail to:

    to arrive not later than May, 21, 2001

  • The scientific justification must be deposited in the SDC ftp server before the deadline, May, 21, 2001 . The accepted formats are postscript, .pdf, .doc or .sdw. To submit the scientific justification use the SDC ftp server as follow:
     Name : ftpao5
     Password: SAXAO5
     ftp> mkdir dirname
    The directory name, dirname, should be constructed using the first five letter of the PI's last name followed by _ and a number to distinguish between different proposals sent by the same PI. e.g. the first proposal sent by a PI named Einstein should be stored into a directory named einst_1
    ftp> cd dirname
    ftp> bin
    ftp> put
    ftp> quit
    The postscript file can be compressed with either the UNIX compress (.Z) or gzip compression. Please do not use other compression methods.

* Proposal Planning Tools

If you have any questions concerning BeppoSAX go to the Feedback form.

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