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BeppoSAX U.S. Coordination Facility

List of SAX Science Verification targets

The following is the approved list of targets to be observed as part of the SAX Science Verification program.

Target exposure time (ksecs) Main(*) InstPurpose
2LMC X-354.6 L+ML,M misalignment verification (13 pointings)
3Cyg X-1 49.5 L+ML,M off-axis PSF and eff area (10 pointings)
280Cyg X-1 52.8 P+HP,H coll. transm. verif. (21 pointings)
275Crab45.0 M,L M,L energy calibration, Efficiency timing
281Crab69.0 M+HH,P energy calibration, Efficiency timing
4HZ 43 51.0 L L energy calibration at low E
5N132D50.4L L energy calibration
6Beta-Car 40.0 LUV leak test
7Cyg X-2 40.0M,L Dead-time and gain test
8LMC Field63.0 L,M Typical crowded field
9Per Cluster110.0 M,L,H,PL,M spectr/spatial resp. H,P: hard tails
10Virgo Cluster70.0 M,L Typical cluster, Spectral/Spatial response
11CAS A 50.4 L Typical SNR: energy vs position
276Sco X-1 32.4 P,H (L,M) Strong source: spectral reconstr. for H,P
278Vela X-1 19.8 H,P (L,M) Spectrum + timing
13Cal 87 100.8 L Soft source, Low energy response
14Prox Cen 80 L Soft source, Low energy response
15Cyg X-380.0 P,H Typical source: Spectral response, flux
279Cen X-321.6 P,H Spectrum + Timing
16PKS 2155-30490.0 M,L Low energy feature (O)+ Sp. response
174U 1626-67 70. L,M Low energy feature (Ne)+ Sp. response
18Her X-1170.0 H,P,L,M Phase spectroscopy, Intercal. source
20MCG-6.30-15180.0 M,L,H,P Intercalibration source
213C 273 180.0 L,M,H,P Insterc. Source; Simul obs XTE (+ASCA proposal)
22NGC 4151180.0 H,L,M,P INterc. Source + simult with XTE, OSSE (+ASCA proposal)
23Cyg Region120.0 W Pointing/misalignment WFC (Cyg X-1/2/3)
59Crab102.0 W PSF - Spectral calib - Timing
60GX301-2100.0 W PSF + Hard spectrum
61Cen Region 120.0 W timing
62Gal Center 360 W Crowded field+background field for H,P,L,M

A list of reserve targets is given below

Target RA(2000)Dec(2000) exposure time Main Instrument
Beta Cet 00 43 34.5 -17 59 14 1.00E+05 LECS
EXO 0748-67 07 48 33.8-67 45 085.00E+04 LECS
Mkn 42111 04 28.738 11 481.00E+05 MECS
Coma Cluster12 59 34.727 56 521.20E+05 MECS