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BeppoSAX e-mail news n. 8 : AO4 announcement

                           ITALIAN SPACE AGENCY  


Rome, February 1 2000

Dear Sir/Madam,

on behalf of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Netherland Agency
for Aerospace Programs (NIVR), I have the pleasure of inviting you to
take part in the BeppoSAX Astronomy Observation Program.

The attached ANNOUNCEMENT OF OPPORTUNITY (AO4) concerns the fourth
round of proposals for the CORE PROGRAM and the GUEST OBSERVER PROGRAM 

                   Proposals due by March 6, 2000.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very successful
and profitable participation in the BeppoSAX observation program.


                                             Giovanni F.Bignami

                                             Science Director, ASI



Rome, February 1, 2000

Dear Colleague,

the operational phase of BeppoSAX covering the observation of the
targets approved in the AO-3 round is expected to be completed by
beginning of May 2000.

This letter is to inform you about the opportunity to submit proposals
to the:

                      BeppoSAX CORE PROGRAM (CP)

and to the:

                      BeppoSAX GUEST OBSERVER PROGRAM (GOP)

for the fourth year of operations covering the period 
May 5, 2000 - April 30 2001.

For this period the Core Program covers 50% of the available observing
time, and the Guest Observers Program covers 50% of the available
observing time.

Proposals to participate in the BeppoSAX observing programs should be
prepared and submitted following the instructions given in the
documents "BeppoSAX Announcement of Opportunity AO-4 for Core Program
and Guest Observer Program" and "BeppoSAX Observers` Handbook" with
its "Addendum".

Deadlines for proposal submission are:

             BeppoSAX  CP & GOP AO-4  ====>> March 6, 2000

Each proposal will be evaluated by the BeppoSAX Time Allocation

The list of approved targets will be available by end of April 2000.

Successful proponents are expected to receive the necessary financial
support from their home institutions or national agency.

I would appreciate if you could circulate this Announcement to all
interested colleagues within your institution.

                                    Yours sincerely,

                                    Livio Scarsi

                                    Chairman of the SSSC


Dear Colleague, 

the documentation regarding the BeppoSAX AO4 for the Core and Guest
Observer Programs is available on-line from the BeppoSAX SDC anonymous 
ftp service:


cd pub/sax/doc/ao4

or from any of its mirrors:


cd pub/sax/doc/ao4


cd sax/ao_info/ao4

Frequently updated information is available from the BeppoSAX SDC web pages:

The SAX Observers' Handbook (SOH) and its Addendum are available from the
same sites:


cd pub/sax/doc/handbook



cd pub/sax/doc/handbook



cd sax/ao_info/handbook

The BeppoSAX AO4 Proposal templates (proposal.txt for NFI and WFC,
proposal_nfi.txt for NFI, proposal_wfc.txt for WFC) can be retrieved
from the same sites in the directories pub/sax/doc/ao4 or
sax/ao_info/ao4 and compiled using any text editor. Proposal templates
can also be compiled using a WWW tool available at the following URL:

A help page for the usage of this tool is located :

The AO1, AO2 and AO3 approved CP and GOP pointing lists and the
corresponding abstracts can be accessed from the SDC WWW interface 
and its mirror:

The list of approved observations is also available via

The proposal templates and the AO4 document can also be obtained by 
sending an e-mail to with the following text:

get saxpi proposal_nfi.txt


get saxpi proposal_wfc.txt


get saxpi proposal_nfi_notimeconstraint.txt


get ao4.tex

Questions concerning the AO and the BeppoSAX mission in general
can be submitted via e-mail to:


                                      Yours Sincerely,

				Luigi Piro     BeppoSAX Mission Scientist 
				Paolo Giommi   BeppoSAX SDC  
				Fabrizio Fiore BeppoSAX SDC  
					on behalf of
					the BeppoSAX Team