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BeppoSAX U.S. Coordination Facility
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                                       20 April 1998

                       	  Workshop on


	  	       3-6 November 1998

                  Rome - C.N.R. Headquarters


   These are fascinating times in the field of Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB)
 astrophysics. Each new burst brings fresh insight, continously
 re-shaping our understanding of these mysterious objects. There is
 a perception that now, more than ever, we have the important pieces
 of the puzzle needed to vigourously debate the solution to this
   A new era in Gamma-Ray Burst astronomy was opened in 1997 by the 
 BeppoSAX satellite. To celebrate this we feel the need to promote 
 discussion on the GRB Afterglow astronomy and astrophysics. 
 We decided therefore to organize a workshop on the theme "Gamma-Ray 
 Burst in the Afterglow Era" on November 3-6 1998 in Rome, Italy. 
   The meeting will have the character of a workshop, lasting 4 days to 
 allow everybody engaged in this theme to report efforts and discuss 
 different experiences with collegues.
   The workshop is organized by Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale - CNR 
 (IAS, Rome) and Istituto Tecnologie e Studio Radiazioni Extraterrestri - 
 CNR (ITeSRE, Bologna), the institutes of the Italian Consiglio Nazionale 
 delle Ricerche (CNR) most involved in the discovery of the Gamma-Ray Burst 
 Afterglow Science and is therefore hosted in CNR Headquarters.

 This first circular calls for contributed oral and poster papers, on the 
 scientific topics specified below, to be presented at the workshop.

 A WWW page containing workshop information is available at the sites:
 containing the workshop information, registration and abstract submission

 The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 1 July 1998.

Scientific Programme 

RESULTS: Gamma-ray bursts, Gamma-Ray Burst afterglows, multiwavelength 
observations. Gamma-Ray Bursts hosts.

THEORY AND INTERPRETATION: Models and their predictions on Gamma-Ray Bursts 
and afterglow properties.  

OBSERVATIONAL PERSPECTIVES: Roundtable discussion on observational 
strategies and communications. On-going experiments. Future experiments.

It is intended to cover these themes with invited talks, oral contributions
and poster presentations. 

The final program will be made available in September 1998 through e-mail
distribution and the WWW page.

Who should participate
While this workshop calls for participation of all the experts in the 
Gamma-Ray Bursts field, the developments achieved in the last two years 
have demonstrated that the contribution from astronomers of fields not 
traditionally related to Gamma-Ray Bursts can significantly improve the 
understanding of the GRB mystery. Also, the latest developments have
opened new areas of investigation that require efforts by a wider 
scientific community. 

For this reason the workshop will include talks aimed to review the 
main topics in GRB astronomy. This is intended to provide people from 
other fields with the background needed to contribute to this new GRB era. 
In this sense we strongly encourage *new* GRB scientists to participate 
in the workshop.

Scientific Advisory Committee 

 E. Costa (co-Chair)	IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy
 G. Fishman		MSFC/NASA, Huntsville, AL, USA 
 D. Frail		NRAO/VLA, Socorro, NM, USA			
 F. Frontera (co-Chair)	ITESRE/CNR, Bologna, Italy
 J. Heise		SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands
 K. Hurley		Univ. California, Berkeley, CA, USA
 S. Kulkarni		CalTech, Pasadena, CA, USA
 M. Matsuoka		RIKEN, Saitama, Japan
 P. Meszaros		Pennsylvania State Univ., PA, USA
 H. Pedersen		Copenhagen University, Denmark
 L. Piro (co-Chair)	IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy
 M. Rees               	Inst. of Astronomy, Cambridge, United Kingdom
 G. Ricker		MIT, Boston, MA, USA
 M. Ruderman		Columbia Univ., New York, USA
 L. Scarsi		IFCAI/CNR, Palermo, Italy
 M. Tavani		IFCTR/CNR, Milan, Italy
 J. van Paradijs	Astr.Inst. 'A. Pennakoek', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 G. Vedrenne		CESR, Toulouse, France
 M. Vietri		Univ. Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Workshop Organisers 

 E. Costa     IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy
 F. Frontera  ITESRE/CNR, Bologna, Italy
 L. Piro      IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy

Local Organizing Committee 

 L. Amati		IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy
 L. Barbanera		IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy
 M. Feroci (Chair)	IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy 
 M. Orlandini		ITESRE/CNR, Bologna, Italy

General Information 

The workshop "Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era" will take place at
the C.N.R. Headquarters buildings located in Rome, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5,
close to the center of Rome.

Travel Information 

By plane: 
The nearest airport is the "Leonardo da Vinci" (Rome Fiumicino). 
A secondary airport is the Ciampino airport. Daily connections exist 
with basically any European and intercontinental airport.
Train connection is available from the Fiumicino airport with
the Termini Railway and Metro Station (A and B line) and with the 
Tiburtina Railway and Metro Station (B line). The timetable and fares of 
this public transportation service AS OF APRIL 1998 is given below. 
An UPDATED timetable will be available on the workshop web page.

Train departures from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station 
(fare: 15.000 lire, transit time: 30'):

Train departures from Termini Station to Fiumicino Airport:

Train departures from Fiumicino Airport to Tiburtina Station
(fare: 7.000 lire, transit time: 40'):

Train departures from Tiburtina Station to Fiumicino Airport:

Intermediate stops in the Tiburtina-Fiumicino line are:
Roma Tuscolana, Roma Ostiense, Roma Trastevere, Villa Bonelli, Magliana,
Muratella, Ponte Galeria

By train: 
Daily intercity train connections exist between Rome and the main Italian 
and European cities.

By car: 
Rome is 574 km from Milan, 539 km from Venice, 380 km from Bologna, 
277 km from Florence, 217 km from Naples.

Social Events 

A conference dinner, excursions and a visit to the BeppoSAX Operation Center 
will be organized.
Further information will be provided in the second circular. 

The workshop fee for registered participants includes these social events. 
Additional tickets for dinner can be obtained for accompanying persons. 
This must be indicated on the registration form.


Registration forms must be filled in from the WWW site.
Participants are requested to complete the registration form no later 
than 01 July 1998.

The workshop fee is 400.000 Italian Lire (LIT) (approx. 220 US$). 
The fee includes the excursions and workshop dinner.

The fee for late registration (after 01 July 1998) will be 
500.000 Italian Lire (LIT) (approx. 280 US$).

The workshop fee should be paid in Italian Lire (LIT) preferably by bank 
transfer to the workshop bank account (see WWW page for details). 
*Before* the early registration dead-line (01 July 1998) the 
registration fee can be paid also sending an US Bank Check to the
Local Organizing Committee using an express courier for the
shipping (Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL or similar). Please do *not* send any
check using the standard mail service. A registration with US check
must be notified in the Registration Form, specifying the US Bank used.

At the workshop the fee can only be paid by cash or by check from an 
Italian Bank. No credit card or foreign checks can be accepted.

Please specify the method and date of payment on your registration form.

A refund of the workshop registration fee is possible with a 
deduction of 10% and under the condition that the cancellation 
has been received in writing by the Local Organising Committee 
no later than 23 October 1998. No refunds are possible for 
cancellations received after that date.

Hotel Accommodation 

A list of hotels with a range of special prices will be made
available on the WWW pages.

Please note that Rome is popular place for  tourism and hotels are
usually busy at any time of the year. We strongly recommend early


Abstracts must be submitted using the form available on the WWW page.
Authors are required to specify on the registration form whether they
prefer their talk to be oral or poster.

Please note that abstract submission by fax is not possible.

Authors will be notified on the receipt of their papers. 
The time allocation will be 15 minutes (including 3 minutes discussion) 
for contributed talks, and 30 minutes (including 5 minutes discussion) 
for invited talks. 

The abstracts of the accepted papers will be printed in an abstract book 
which will be distributed to all participants at the workshop. All accepted 
abstracts and the scientific programme information will be made available  
on the WWW.


Poster boards will be available and the display area is strictly 
limited to 0.9 m x 1.2 m per poster. 
Posters must be displayed by the author(s), and it is essential, that at
least one of the authors will be available for discussion at scheduled times. 
It is the intention (depending on the total number of posters accepted) to 
display all posters for the entire duration of the workshop. 

Posters will be summarized by selected rapporteurs.  
Authors of posters should prepare one figure in PostScript format and
few lines of comments in order to be presented by the relevant rapporteur. 
Further information will be provided in the next circulars.

Workshop Proceedings 

All contributions (invited and contributed papers and posters) will 
be published on a special volume of Astronomy and Astrophysics 
(Supplement Series), following a standard refereeing process. 
Authors are expected to provide a camera-ready manuscript together with 
an electronic LaTeX version no later than 15 December 1998.
Due to a tight publication processing schedule any manuscript received
after that date will not be published.
The Workshop organizers and the A&ASS Editor have agreed to publication
by the end of 1999. One of the authors must be present at the

Further information and instructions to authors for the preparation of 
papers will be provided in the second circular.

Press release

We plan to provide support for a press-release on the outstanding 
results presented at this workshop.

Calendar of Events

20  April     1998   First circular and call for papers
01  June      1998   Second circular with invited talks specified
01  July      1998   Abstract due date and deadline for early registration 
15  September 1998   Third circular with Final Scientific Program
3-6 November  1998   Workshop
15  December  1998   Manuscript due date
    September 1999   Tentative date for publication of the proceedings

Contact Addresses

Official Workshop address for any correspondance:

Workshop WWW page:

Workshop Organizing Secretariat:

Lidia Barbanera
Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale
C.N.R. - Area di Ricerca di Roma - Tor Vergata
Via Fosso del Cavaliere, Roma, I-00133 ITALY
Phone: +39-6-4993-4100
Fax :  +39-6-2066-0188

Workshop Organizers: 

Enrico Costa
Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale
C.N.R. - Area di Ricerca di Roma - Tor Vergata
Via Fosso del Cavaliere, Roma, I-00133 ITALY
Phone: +39-6-4993-4004
Fax :  +39-6-2066-0188

Filippo Frontera
Istituto Tecnologie e Studio delle Radiazioni Extraterrestri
C.N.R. - Area di Ricerca di Bologna
Via P. Gobetti, 101 - 40129 BOLOGNA
Phone: +39-51-6398-666
Fax:   +39-51-6398-723

Luigi Piro
Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale
C.N.R. - Area di Ricerca di Roma - Tor Vergata
Via Fosso del Cavaliere, Roma, I-00133 ITALY
Phone: +39-6-4993-4007
Fax :  +39-6-2066-0188

Local Organizing Committee:

Marco Feroci
Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale
C.N.R. - Area di Ricerca di Roma - Tor Vergata
Via Fosso del Cavaliere, Roma, I-00133 ITALY
Phone: +39-6-4993-4099
Fax :  +39-6-2066-0188