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BeppoSAX Symposium n. 3



3rd Circular - 25 September 1997.

1 - The Symposium is intended to review the recent observational evidence in
    X-Ray Astronomy with special emphasis on the results obtained by the 
    space missions Beppo-SAX and Rossi-XTE.
    The aim is to assess, through the joint evaluation by observers and
    theorists, the impact of the new data on our understanding of 
    "The active X-ray sky".

2 -     Symposium General Information

        Title:          "The Active X-Ray Sky:
                        Results from Beppo-SAX and Rossi XTE"

        Place:          Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei:
                        Villa Farnesina/Palazzo Corsini 
                        via Della Lungara - Roma

        Schedule:       October 21 - 1997 

                        Arrival and Registration.

			Afternoon: 15:00

			Starts Poster Exhibition.
			Posters will remain exposed permanently during the

                        October 22 - 23 - 24
                        Scientific sessions

	Session Time:	from 9.00 to 19.00 hrs with Lunch and Coffee break
			interruptions. Lunchs will be served at Palazzo

	Social Events:  Banquet: October 22 at 20:30 
                        Concert: October 23 at 20:30, Farnesina Auditorium 

  The number of participants is limited to 250, due to the Accademia
  Auditorium capacity. In a limited amount of cases a financial support
  is foreseen for people  planning to attend the Symposium.

3 -  

All together the Symposium will see:

	-		19 Invited Talks of 30 minutes

	-	        30 Contributed talks of 20 minutes 

                        (questions/answers included in the time allocated)

        -               2 1-hour sessions wherein 3 or 4 "rapporteurs" 
                        (to be designated) will summarize the results 
                        presented in posters. 

Poster authors: to faciltate the "rapporteur" presentation, please
send A.S.A.P. an extended abstract and the text/figure of the spot
presentation desired as a postscript file or a fax to the Symposium
Local Organizing Committee (E-mail:

Invited Talks, Contributions and Posters will be published in the Symposium 
Proceedings ( Invited: 12 pages, Contributed 8 pages, Posters 4 pages).

4 -   



Wednesday Oct.22-   Opening -Compact Galactic Objects-

08.45-09.00 Welcome addresses

09.00-09.40 Introduction. BeppoSAX,RXTE Status Report by the Mission Scientists

09.40-10.10 M. van der Klis  - KHz Z and Atoll sources        Inv.1

10.10-10.40 F. Lamb          - Rapid X-ray Variability of Neutron Stars Inv.2
                               in Binary Systems

10:40-11:00               1 Compact Galactic Sources contribution          C1

11.00-11.20               COFFEE BREAK

11.20-11.50 F. Frontera      - High energy properties of Neutron        Inv.3
                               Stars and Black Hole candidates
                               X-Ray sources   

11.50-13.10               4 Compact Galactic Sources contributions C2-C3-C4-C5

13.10-14.50               LUNCH

14.50-15.20 R. Remillard     - RXTE Observations of Black Hole 
                               Binaries                                 Inv.4
15:20-15:50 R. Taam          - Variability in Black Hole Binary 
                               Systems                                  Inv.5

15.50-16.50               3 Compact Galactic Sources contributions   C6-C7-C8

16.50-17:10               COFFEE BREAK

17:10-17.40 W. Becker        - X-ray emission properties of 
                               rotation-powered Neutron Stars           Inv.6
17.40-18.20               2 Compact Galactic Sources contributions     C9-C10

18.20-19.10               Poster Summaries by one or two rapporteurs 
                          (to be designated)

20:30                     Banquet


Thursday Oct.23 -Compact Galactic Objects--AGN-

09.00-09.30 J. Heise         - Wide Field Survey on the Galactic 
                               Center Region                            Inv.7

09.30-10.00 R. Levine        - Outbursts, State Transitions  
                               and Periodicities observed with          Inv.8
                               the RXTE ASM.                        

10.00-11.00               3 Compact Galactic Sources contributions C11-C12-C13

11.00-11.20               COFFEE BREAK

11.20-12.00               1 Compact  Galactic Sources contribution        C14
                          1 AGN Contribution                               A1

12.00-12.30 H. Inoue         - Galactic Black Hole candidates
                               and AGN: Results from ASCA               Inv.9

12.30-13.00 L. Maraschi      - Blazar Spectra and Variability,
                               with BeppoSAX                           Inv.10

13.00-14.50               LUNCH

14.50-15.20 G. Matt          - Seyfert Galaxies and BeppoSAX           Inv.11

15.20-17.00               5 AGN Contributions                  A2-A3-A4-A5-A6

17.00-17.15               COFFEE BREAK

17.15-18.20               3 AGN  Contributions                      A7-A8-A9*

18.20-19.10               Poster Summaries by one or two rapporteurs 
                          (to be designated)

20:30                     Concert

Friday October 24 -Clusters- GRBs-Surveys-SNR-Stars Conclusions

09.00-10.00               3 Cluster of Galaxies contributions     Cl1-Cl2-Cl3

10.00-10.30 A. Cavaliere     - Clusters of Galaxies                    Inv.12

10.30-11.00 E. Costa         - Observation of GRB with Beppo-SAX       Inv.13

11.00-11.20               COFFEE BREAK

11.20-11.50 J. Van Paradijs  - GRB optical counterparts                Inv.14

11.50-12.20 M. Rees          - Latest Interpratations of Gamma Ray
                               Bursts                                  Inv.15

12.20-13.00               2 GRB contributions                           G1-G2

13.00-15.00               LUNCH

15.00-15.20               1 GRB contribution                               G3

15:20-15:50 P. Giommi        - The BeppoSAX Deep Survey                Inv.16

15.50-16.20 G. Hasinger      - Rosat/ASCA Deep Surveys                 Inv.17

16.20-16.50 L. Chiappetti    - Background-BeppoSAX results             Inv.18

16.50-17.10               1 Stars contribution                             S1

17.10-17.30               COFFEE BREAK

17:30-18:10               2 SNR  contributions                          S2-S3

18:10-18:40 B. Aschenbach    - X-ray from supernova Remnants           Inv.19

18.40-19.00               Concluding Remarks


In total: 19 - 30' Invited 

	  32+1 - 20' Contributions  (subdivided in :14 Compacts, 8+2 AGN,
                                     3 Clusters, 3 GRB,3 SNR/Stars).


                        ORAL CONTRIBUTIONS

Abstracts can be found on the Symposium WEB pages:


F. Mirabel:     Superluminal sources in the Galaxy
C. Miller:      Effects of Radiation Forces on Kilohertz QPOs
A. Santangelo:  Wide Band Phase resolved spectra of X-ray binary
                pulsars observed by BeppoSAX.
H. Bradt:       RXTE Observations of Circinus X-1
M.A. Nowak:     The Physical Interpretation of X-ray Phase Lags
                and Coherence: RXTE Data of Cygnus X-1 as a Case Study 
S. Campana:     SAX observations of the Soft X-ray transient Aql X-1 
                during the decay of the 1997 outburst.
A. Treves:      Why Old Neutron Stars are an Elusive Population?
L. Stella:      Lense-Thirring Precession and QPOs in Low Mass X-Ray Binaries
K. Jahoda:      Peak luminosities during burst from GRO J1744-28 measured 
                with the RXTE Proportional Counter Array
C. Hellier:     Eclipses and outbursts of the intermediate polar XY Ari
E. Kuulkers:    Dips in the lightcurves of GRO J1655-40 during outburst: 
                mapping the inner disk region
T. Belloni:     Viscous evolution of the unstable disk in GRS 1915+105
D. Dal Fiume:   The broad band spectral properties of galactic X-ray binary 
J. Swank:       The Periods Discovered by RXTE in Thermonuclear Flash Bursts

G.C. Perola:    A spectral survey of bright Seyfert 1 galaxies with BeppoSAX
P. Uttley:      Long term monitoring of Seyfert galaxies with XTE
A. Orr:         BeppoSAX observations of low-energy spectral features in AGN
I. McHardy:     Short Timescale RXTE Spectral Variability of Seyfert Galaxies
M. Salvati:     The BeppoSAX program on X-ray weak Seyfert 2 galaxies
P. Grandi:      BeppoSax Observations of Radio  Galaxies
A. Lawson:      RXTE and other waveband monitoring observations of the 
                blazars 3C 279 and 3C 273
A. Comastri:    BeppoSAX observations of Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
G. Ghisellini:  High energy flares in blazars:: MKN 501
G. Lamer:       Multifrequency observations of MKN 501 during X-ray high 
                state in July 1997
* Ghisellini and Lamer will share 25 minutes talk presentation on
the latest observations of MKN501

S. Molendi:     Beppo-SAX Observations of Galaxy Clusters
J. Kaastra:     Spatially resolved spectroscopy of the cluster of galaxies 
                A 2199
S. Colafrancesco: Evolution of distant galaxy clusters: the SAX results

E. Fenimore:    Gamma-Ray Burst Spectra and Time Histories From 2 to 400 keV
F. Marshall:    RXTE Observations of GRB Afterglows
M. Tavani:      Theory of GRB emission in light of the SAX results

F. Favata:      First coronal results from the SAX X-ray mission
J. Vink:        First Results on three SNR observed by BeppoSAX
R. Rothschild:  Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Nucleosynthesis in Cas A

5 -


        Bernand Aschenbach
        Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik

        Johan A.M. Bleeker
        Space Research Organization of Nl

        Hale V.D. Bradt 				Co-Chairman
        Massachussetts Institute of Tecnology

        Alfonso Cavaliere
        Dipartimento di Fisica
        2a Univ. Roma -Tor Vergata

        H. Inoue

        Frederick K. Lamb
        University of Illinois

        Francis E. Marshall
        Goddard Space Flight  Center

        G.Cesare Perola
        Dipartimento di Fisica E. Amaldi
        Universita' di Roma-3

        Richard E. Rothschild
        University of California San Diego

        Marco Salvati
        Osservatorio Astrofisico Arcetri

        Giorgio Salvini
        Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei

        Livio Scarsi					Co-Chairman
        Istituto Fisica Cosmica e Informatica/CNR

        Yasuo Tanaka
        Astronomical Institute of Amsterdam, NL

        Brian G. Taylor
        ESTEC-Space Science Department

        Joachim Truemper
        Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik

        E.P.J. Van Den Heuvel
        Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek


	A. Baccari (Segretary at Accademia Dei Lincei)

	A. Cavaliere

        F. Fiore  (Beppo-SAX Science Data Center)

	P. Giommi (Beppo-SAX Science Data Center)
	L. Piro (Beppo-SAX Mission Scientist)

	L. Scarsi.

7 - 

	You can read all information about Hotels and retrieve the Hotel 
	Reservation Form at the web page:

8 - 

   www home page  :

   For additional information please contact:

	Symposium Helpdesk
	BeppoSAX Science Data Center, ASI
        c/o Nuova Telespazio
	Via Corcolle 19 - 00131 ROMA, Italy
	Tel	39-6-4079-6307, 39-6-4079-6327, 39-6-4079-6328
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