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BeppoSAX Symposium n. 4



3rd Circular, first revision  - 2 October 1997.

1 - The Symposium is intended to review the recent observational evidence in
    X-Ray Astronomy with special emphasis on the results obtained by the 
    space missions Beppo-SAX and Rossi-XTE.
    The aim is to assess, through the joint evaluation by observers and
    theorists, the impact of the new data on our understanding of 
    "The active X-ray sky".

2 -     Symposium General Information

                Title: "The Active X-Ray Sky:
                        Results from Beppo-SAX and Rossi XTE"

                Place:  Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei:
                        Villa Farnesina/Palazzo Corsini 
                        via Della Lungara - Roma

             Schedule:  October 21 - 1997 

                        Arrival and Registration.

			Afternoon: 15:00

			Starts Poster Exhibition.
			Posters will remain exposed permanently during the

                        October 22 - 23 - 24
                        Scientific sessions

	 Session Time:  from 9.00 to 19.00 hrs with Lunch and Coffee break
			interruptions. Lunches will be served at Palazzo

	Social Events:  Banquet: October 22 at 20:30 
                        Concert: October 23 at 20:30, Farnesina Auditorium 

    Registration fee :  LIT. 350.000 (1 US dollar about 1750 LIT.). 
                        No additional charge for the Banquet, lunches, 
                        Concert and Symposium Proceedings. 

    Hotel reservation:  Please note that late October is high season in Rome, 
                        make sure to book your hotel as soon as possible, if you 
                        have not done it yet. Information on hotels is given at the
                        following URL: 


  The number of participants is limited to 250, due to the Accademia
  Auditorium capacity. In a limited amount of cases a financial support
  is foreseen for people  planning to attend the Symposium.

3 -  

All together the Symposium will see:

	-		19 Invited Talks of 30 minutes

	-	        33 Contributed talks of 20 minutes 

                        (questions/answers included in the time allocated)

        -               2 1-hour sessions wherein 3 or 4 "rapporteurs" 
                        (to be designated) will summarize the results 
                        presented in posters. 
  The number of participants is limited to 250, due to the Accademia
  Auditorium capacity. In a limited amount of cases a financial support
  is foreseen for people  planning to attend the Symposium.

Poster authors: to facilitate the "rapporteur" presentation, please
send A.S.A.P. an extended abstract and the text/figure of the spot
presentation desired as a postscript file or a fax to the Symposium
Local Organizing Committee (E-mail:

Invited Talks, Contributions and Posters will be published in the Symposium 
Proceedings. Due to large number of papers submitted and not to overload 
the proceedings we strongly recomand to maintain the number of current
Journal pages to: 
Invited: 10 pages, Contributed 6 pages, Posters 2-4 pages.

4 -   

	                 REVISED PROGRAM  


Wednesday Oct.22-   Opening -Compact Galactic Objects-

08.45-09.00 Welcome addresses

09.00-09.40 Introduction. BeppoSAX,RXTE Status Report by the Mission Scientists

09.40-10.10 M. van der Klis  - KHz Z and Atoll sources        Inv.1

10.10-10.40 F. Lamb          - Rapid X-ray Variability of Neutron Stars Inv.2
                               in Binary Systems

10:40-11:00 C. Miller        - Constraints on Neutron Stars Implied by     C1
                               Kilohertz QPOs

11.00-11.20               COFFEE BREAK

11.20-11.50 F. Frontera      - High energy properties of Neutron        Inv.3
                               Stars and Black Hole candidates
                               X-Ray sources   

11.50-12.10 H. Bradt         - RXTE Observations of Circinus X-1           C2

12.10-12-30 J. Swank         - The Periods Discovered by RXTE in 
                               Thermonuclear Flash Bursts                  C3

12.30-12-50 L. Stella        - Lense-Thirring Precession and QPOs in 
                               Low Mass X-Ray Binaries                     C4

12.50-13.10 D. Dal Fiume     - The broad band spectral properties of 
                               galactic X-ray binary pulsars               C5

13.10-14.50               LUNCH

14.50-15.20 R. Remillard     - RXTE Observations of Black Hole 
                               Binaries                                 Inv.4
15:20-15:50 R. Taam          - Variability in Black Hole Binary 
                               Systems                                  Inv.5

15.50-16.10 E. Kuulkers      - Dips in the lightcurves of GRO J1655-40 
                               during outburst: mapping the inner disk 
                               region                                      C6

16.10-16.30 T. Belloni       - Viscous evolution of the unstable disk in  
                               GRS 1915+105                                C7

16.30-16.50 M.A. Nowak       - The Physical Interpretation of X-ray Phase 
                               Lags and Coherence: RXTE Data of Cygnus X-1 
                               as a Case Study                             C8

16.50-17:10               COFFEE BREAK

17:10-17.40 W. Becker        - X-ray emission properties of 
                               rotation-powered Neutron Stars           Inv.6

17.40-18.00 A. Treves        - Why Old Neutron Stars are an Elusive 
                               Population?                                 C9

18.00-18.20 A. Santangelo    - Wide Band Phase resolved spectra of X-ray 
                               binary pulsars observed by BeppoSAX.       C10

18.20-19.10               Poster Summaries by one or two rapporteurs 
                          (to be designated)

20:30                     Banquet


Thursday Oct.23 -Compact Galactic Objects--AGN-

09.00-09.30 J. Heise         - Wide Field Survey on the Galactic 
                               Center Region                            Inv.7

09.30-10.00 R. Levine        - Outbursts, State Transitions  
                               and Periodicities observed with          Inv.8
                               the RXTE ASM.                        

10.00-10.20 S. Campana       - SAX observations of the Soft X-ray 
                               transient Aql X-1 during the decay of 
                               the 1997 outburst.                         C11

10.20-10.40 K. Jahoda        - Peak luminosities during burst from GRO 
                               J1744-28 measured with the RXTE PCA        C12

10.40-11.00 C. Hellier       - Eclipses and outbursts of the intermediate 
                               polar XY Ari                               C13

11.00-11.20               COFFEE BREAK

11.20-11.50 H. Inoue         - Galactic Black Hole candidates
                               and AGN: Results from ASCA               Inv.9

11.50-12.20 L. Maraschi      - Blazar Spectra and Variability,
                               with BeppoSAX                           Inv.10

12.20-12.40 G. Ghisellini    - High energy flares in blazars: MKN 501      A1

12.40-13.00 G. Lamer         - Multifrequency observations of 
                               MKN 501 during X-ray                        A2

13.00-14.50               LUNCH

14.50-15.20 G. Matt          - Seyfert Galaxies and BeppoSAX           Inv.11

15.20-15.40 A. Lawson        - RXTE and other waveband monitoring 
                               observations of the blazars 
                               3C279 and 3C273                             A3

15.40-16.00 P. Uttley        - Long term monitoring of Seyfert galaxies    A4
                               with XTE

16.00-16.20 I. McHardy       - Short Timescale RXTE Spectral Variability   A5
                               of Seyfert Galaxies

16.20-16.40 G.C. Perola      - A spectral survey of bright Seyfert 1       A6
                               galaxies with BeppoSAX

16.40-17.00 P. Grandi        - BeppoSax Observations of Radio Galaxies     A7

17.00-17.20               COFFEE BREAK

17.20-17.40 A. Comastri      - BeppoSAX observations of Narrow Line        A8
                               Seyfert 1 Galaxies 

17.40-18.00 M. Salvati       - The BeppoSAX program on X-ray weak          A9
                               Seyfert 2 Galaxies

18.00-18.20 A. Orr           - BeppoSAX observations of low-energy  
                               spectral features in AGN                   A10     

18.20-19.10               Poster Summaries by one or two rapporteurs 
                          (to be designated)

20:30                     Concert

Friday October 24 -Clusters- GRBs-Surveys-SNR-Stars Conclusions

09.00-09.20 S. Molendi       - Beppo-SAX Observations of Galaxy Clusters  CL1

09.20-09.40 J. Kaastra       - Spatially resolved spectroscopy of 
                               the cluster of galaxies A2199              CL2

09.40-10.00 S. Colafrancesco - Evolution of distant galaxy clusters:      CL3
                               the BeppoSAX results

10.00-10.30 A. Cavaliere     - Clusters of Galaxies                    Inv.12

10.30-10.50 E. Fenimore      - Gamma-Ray Burst Spectra and Time 
                               Histories From 2 to 400keV                  G1

10.50-11.10 F. Marshall      - RXTE Observations of GRB Afterglows         G2

11.10-11.30               COFFEE BREAK

11.30-12.00 E. Costa         - Observation of GRB with Beppo-SAX       Inv.13

12.00-12.30 J. Van Paradijs  - GRB optical counterparts                Inv.14

12.30-13.00 M. Rees          - Latest Interpretations of Gamma Ray
                               Bursts                                  Inv.15

13.00-14.50               LUNCH

14.50-15.10 M. Tavani        - Theory of GRB emission in light of the 
                               SAX results                                 G3

15.10-15.30 M. Vietri         - Theoretical interpretation of Gamma Ray    G4
                               Burst afterglows

15:30-16:00 P. Giommi        - The BeppoSAX Deep Survey                Inv.16

16.00-16.30 G. Hasinger      - Rosat/ASCA Deep Surveys                 Inv.17

16.30-17.00 L. Chiappetti    - Background-BeppoSAX results             Inv.18

17.00-17.15               COFFEE BREAK

17.15-17.35 F. Favata        - First coronal results from the SAX X-ray 
                               mission                                     S1

17.35 17.55 J. Vink          - First Results on three SNR observed by      S2

17.55 18.15 R. Rothschild    - Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Nucleosynthesis 
                               in Cas A

18:15-18:45 B. Aschenbach    - X-ray from supernova Remnants           Inv.19

18.45-19.00               Concluding Remarks


In total: 19 - 30' Invited 

	  33 - 20' Contributions  (subdivided in :13 Compacts, 10 AGN,
                                     3 Clusters, 4 GRB, 3 SNR/Stars).


                        ORAL CONTRIBUTIONS

Abstracts can be found on the Symposium WEB pages:


                        POSTER CONTRIBUTIONS

                       Compact Galactic Sources 

 Tomaso  Belloni
Broad-band X-ray observation of RE 0751+14 with SAX
 Christine  Done
Relativistic smearing of the reflection spectrum in Galactic Black
Hole Candidates

 Andrzej  Zdziarski
X-rays and gamma-rays from Seyferts and Galactic Black Hole Binaries
 Eric  Ford
Quasi-Periodic Oscillations near 1 kHz: new information from 4U 0614+091
 Gian Luca  Israel
SAX and XTE observations of GX1+4, SMCX-1 and RX J0146.9+6121, a sample 
of X-ray pulsators with extreme properties
 Luciano  Burderi
 Arvind  Parmar
A BeppoSAX observation of the X-ray pulsar 1E2259+586

 Marco  Feroci
4U 0142+61
 James  Dove
Application of Self-Consistent Accretion Disk Corona Models to Black
Hole Candidates
 Philip  Kaaret
High Frequency QPOs and General Relativity

 Paolo  Soffitta
X-ray mapping of an IR selected star forming region with Beppo-SAX NFI's
 Domitilla  de Martino
SAX results on AM Her type stars
 Yuxin  Feng
Analysis the shot Structure of Cygnus X-1
 John  Heise
X-ray bursts from Black Hole candidate GS1826-24
 Deepto  Chakrabarty
ASM Evidence for a Partial X-Ray Eclipse in the Massive X-Ray Binary
GX 301-2
 Matteo  Guainazzi
Monitoring of the HMXRB CenX-3 with the WFC onboard BeppoSAX
 Dana  Lehr
Diskoseismology: Probing Black Holes and Their Accretion Disks
BeppoSAX Observations of the exotic black hole candidate GX 399-4
 Cristiano  Guidorzi
Monitoring of high energy X-ray sources with the BeppoSAX GRBM
 Stefano  Del Sordo
A BeppoSax observation of the massive x-ray binary Cen X-3

 Giancarlo  Cusumano
Phase resolved spectroscopy of Crab Pulsar (PSR B0531+21) observed by

 Enrico  MASSARO
A two component model of the Crab Pulsar emission based on the
BeppoSAX pulse profiles.
  Johan  Muller
A BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera Secondary Observations Results Database
 Santina  Piraino
BeppoSAX observation of the transient X-ray pulsar GS1843+009
 Maria Teresa  Menna
Long term monitoring of some galactic sources with BSAX Wide Field
 J.J.M.  in 't Zand
IN 1996

 Massimo  Cocchi
X-ray bursts from XTE1709-267 
 William  Heindl
A Search for Cyclotron Lines in the Bursting Pulsar, GRO J1744-28
 Luciano  Nicastro
BeppoSAX observations of PSR B1259-63
 Duane  Gruber
Magnetic Features in the Spectrum of Her X-1
 Tim  Oosterbroek
The BeppoSAX LECS X-ray spectrum of Hercules X-1

 Ruediger  Staubert
New results on Her X-1 from RXTE observations
 Ranjeev  Misra
A Fit To The Simultaneous Broad Band Spectrum Of Cygnus X-1 Using The
Transition Disk Model
 Marek  Gierlinski
Broad-band spectra of black hole candidates Cyg X-1 and GX339-4
 Wouter  Hartmann
Studies of line blanketed Soft X-ray spectra from hot, high-gravity
model atmospheres.
 Eric  Gotthelf
Detection of X-ray Emission from the 63-ms Radio Pulsar PSR J1105-6107
 Teresa  Mineo
BeppoSAX observations of isolated pulsars.
 Jeroen  Homan
New RXTE results on GX17+2
 Christine  Done
The X-ray spectrum of the magnetic CV BY Cam

 Mauro  Orlandini
BeppoSAX observations of the X-ray binary pulsar 4U1626-67
  Alexander  Lutovinov
Observations of Cen X-3 with GRANAT/ART-P.
 J.J.M.  in 't Zand
 Massimo  Cocchi
Bursting Sources in the Galactic Centre Region 
 Hitoshi  Negoro
Ginga Results of Short-Term X-ray Variability of Black Hole Candidates
 Juri  Poutanen
The Non-Thermal Pair Model and Spectral States of Accreting Black Holes

 Jane  Turner
Orientation and the Inner Regions of Seyfert Galaxies

 Loredana  Bassani
BeppoSAX broad-band spectra of Seyfert 2 galaxies
 Kai  Otterbein
Intensive monitoring of the strongly variable BL Lac S5 0716+714
 Gabriele  Ghisellini
BeppoSAX observations of the gamma-ray loud blazar PKS 0528+134
 Kazushi  Iwasawa
ASCA long observations of the Seyfert galaxy IRAS18325-5926
 Francesco  Haardt
BeppoSAX observations of 3C273
 Laura  Maraschi
BeppoSAX observations of 3C279.
 Edoardo  Trussoni
Spectral study of low power radio galaxies
 Giovanni  Fossati
BeppoSAX observation of the blazar Mkn 421
 Petrucci  Pierre-Olivier
An anisotropic reillumination model of Seyfert galaxies

 Ian  George
Absorption by Ionized Gas in AGN
 Shiro  Ueno
The BeppoSAX observation of IRAS20210+1121
 Fabrizio  Nicastro
The Warm Absorber in NGC985: comparing ASCA and ROSAT data
 Silvano  Molendi
The Broad Band Spectrum of MCG-6-30-15 as measured by Beppo-SAX
 Tahir  Yaqoob
 Stephane  PALTANI
Relationship between X-ray emission and other wavebands in 3C 273

 Matteo Guainazzi 
The intruguing flat and featureless spectrum of the
Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy 1H0419-517

BeppoSAX Observations of the BL Lac object 0716+714
 Giovanna M.  Stirpe
BeppoSAX observations of the Seyfert 1 NGC 3516

 Meg  Urry
RXTE Monitoring of the Blazar PKS 2155-304 

 Pawel  Magdziarz
Broad-band continuum and time variability of NGC 5548
 Anna  Wolter
What can BeppoSAX tell us about X-ray spectra of BL Lacs
 Luigi  Piro
The complex spectrum and variability of NGC4151 by BeppoSAX
 Greg  Madejski
Simultaneous observations of AGN with RXTE and CGRO
 Marco  Rephaeli
High Energy X-ray Emission from the Starburst Galaxies NGC253 & M82
 Fabrizio  Fiore
BeppoSAX observations of quasars
 Julia  Lee
An RXTE Observation of MCG-6-30-15
 Paolo  Padovani
BeppoSAX Observations of 1 Jy BL Lacertae Objects
                         Gamma Ray Bursts

 Geoffrey  Burbidge
Gamma-Ray Bursts: Manifestations of Creation
 James  Chiang
Decelerating Plasmoid Model for Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
 Kevin  Hurley
BeppoSAX/Ulysses Observations of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
 Alessandro  Coletta
 L.Angelo  Antonelli
1SAX J0651.6+7910.1 a serendipitous source in GRB 970805 field.
 Luigi  Piro
Spectral behaviour of X-ray afterglows of GRB observed by BeppoSAX
 Carlo  De Libero
BeppoSAX Attitude Operations for GRB Follow-Up
 Tomas  Rezek
OMC Camera Experiment For INTEGRAL And Search For Compton GRO
BATSE/LOCBURST Optical Transients
 Daniele  Fargion
Gamma Ray Burst as the Blazing Flashes of precessing Gamma Jets
 Graziella  Pizzichini
The Log N - Log P distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the light 
of the afterglow results
 Graziella  Pizzichini
A comparison between the follow-up results for Gamma-Ray Bursts 
observed by the Beppo-SAX Wide-Field Cameras and the Rossi XTE

Clusters of Galaxies

 Pasquale Mazzotta 
X-Ray Spectra From Hot Thin Plasmas: Results From a New, Updated
Plasma Code
 Francesco  D'Acri
A study of Temperature and Abundance gradients in Virgo/M87 with the
MECS on board Beppo-SAX

                   Surveys and X-ray Background

 Fabrizio  Fiore
A sample of MECS serendipitous hard sources
 Donatella  Ricci
The BeppoSAX source catalog
 Duane  Gruber
Granularity of the Diffuse Background Observed
 Azita  Valinia
RXTE Measurement of the Diffuse X-ray Emission from the Galactic Ridge

                           Stars and SNR

 Bruno  Sacco
Imaging spectral features of Cas A with BeppoSAX
 Lara  Sidoli
Discovery of X-rays from the supernova remnant G0.9+0.1 with the
BeppoSAX satellite 

  Roberto  Viotti
The peculiar X-ray behaviour of the outbursting symbiotic system AG
 Johan  Muller
BY Dra stellar X-ray Flare observed with a BSAX Wide Field Camera
 Roberto  Viotti
BeppoSAX Observations of the Eta Carinae Region 
 Michael  Corcoran
X-ray Brightening and Flaring of Eta Carinae
 Fabrizio  Bocchino
BeppoSAX observations of the SNR RCW86
 Thierry  Montmerle
X-rays from protostars
 Gianpiero Tagliaferri 
The eclipsing binary HD9770: flaring activity and rotational
modulation detected by BeppoSAX


 Paolo  Coppi
EQPAIR: An Improved Thermal/Non-Thermal Model for Use in XSPEC
 J.J.M.  in 't Zand
 Loredana  Bruca
The BeppoSAX Mission facilities
 Alan  Owens
BeppoSAX/LECS detection of dust related X-ray emission from comet
C1/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp)


5 -


        Bernand Aschenbach
        Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik

        Johan A.M. Bleeker
        Space Research Organization of Nl

        Hale V.D. Bradt 				Co-Chairman
        Massachussetts Institute of Tecnology

        Alfonso Cavaliere
        Dipartimento di Fisica
        2a Univ. Roma -Tor Vergata

        H. Inoue

        Frederick K. Lamb
        University of Illinois

        Francis E. Marshall
        Goddard Space Flight  Center

        G.Cesare Perola
        Dipartimento di Fisica E. Amaldi
        Universita' di Roma-3

        Richard E. Rothschild
        University of California San Diego

        Marco Salvati
        Osservatorio Astrofisico Arcetri

        Giorgio Salvini
        Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei

        Livio Scarsi					Co-Chairman
        Istituto Fisica Cosmica e Informatica/CNR

        Yasuo Tanaka
        Astronomical Institute of Amsterdam, NL

        Brian G. Taylor
        ESTEC-Space Science Department

        Joachim Truemper
        Max-Planck-Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physik

        E.P.J. Van Den Heuvel
        Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek


	A. Baccari (Segretary at Accademia Dei Lincei)

	A. Cavaliere

        F. Fiore  (Beppo-SAX Science Data Center)

	P. Giommi (Beppo-SAX Science Data Center)
	L. Piro (Beppo-SAX Mission Scientist)

	L. Scarsi.

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	Reservation Form at the web page:

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   For additional information please contact:

	Symposium Helpdesk
	BeppoSAX Science Data Center, ASI
        c/o Nuova Telespazio
	Via Corcolle 19 - 00131 ROMA, Italy
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