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February 1999 from the BeppoSAX Calendar

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GRB970228 images (left) and lightcurve (right)

These pictures show the discovery observation of the X-ray afterglow from the famous Gamma Ray Burst GRB970228 together with a follow-up observation carried out three days after the event. By the time of the second observation the X-ray afterglow dimmed below the BeppoSAX detectability threshold. The plot to the right shows the rapid decay of the X-ray flux coming from a different Gamma Ray Burst event which occurred on May 8 1997. The X-ray intensity from this source decreased almost one million times in less than one week. Courtesy of the BeppoSAX Team, and L. Piro, IAS, CNR, Rome

1999 BeppoSAX Calendar

Images courtesy of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the BeppoSAX Science Data Center (SDC).

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