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BeppoSAX U.S. Coordination Facility

Map of Gamma-Ray Bursts detected by BeppoSAX

Map of the GRBs detected by Bepposax.
Equatorial Aitoff projection of all Gamma Ray Bursts observed by BeppoSAX in 1997-1998. Yellow symbols represent Wide Field Camera detections; red symbols indicate the positive detection of an X-ray afterglow by the BeppoSAX X-ray imaging telescopes. Detection of the afterglow at optical or radio wavelenghts is also reported when available.
Courtesy of the BeppoSAX SOC team, Telespazio, Rome, Italy.

Images courtesy of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the BeppoSAX Science Data Center (SDC).

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