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May 1999 from the BeppoSAX Calendar

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Bepposax image (left) and ROSAT HRI image of the Lockman Hole.

Hard X-ray BeppoSAX observation of the "Lockman hole", the site of the most sensitive survey carried out so far in the soft X-ray band. The image to the left is the background subtracted ~130,000 seconds MECS observation showing a number of hard X-ray sources. On the right side the iso-intensity contours of the BeppoSAX 2-10 keV sources are superposed to the ROSAT HRI ultra-deep (> 1,100,000 seconds) soft X-ray image of the same region. Courtesy of J. Truemper, MPE Garching, G. Hasinger, AIP Potsdam, and P. Giommi, BeppoSAX SDC

1999 BeppoSAX Calendar

Images courtesy of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the BeppoSAX Science Data Center (SDC).

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