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November 1999 from the BeppoSAX Calendar

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Circinus galaxy spectrum (left). Galaxy central region infrared image (right).
The BeppoSAX LECS+MECS best fit spectrum of the Circinus Galaxy (plot to the left) shows a flat continuum and very strong iron emission. The extrapolation of this 0.1-10 keV spectrum to higher energies (PDS data) shows a further component, likely due to nuclear radiation transmitted trough a thick (~4x1024 cm-2) absorber. Independent evidence of this absorber is shown on the right image taken in the near infrared (H-K color): the yellow-white lane is thought to trace a dusty-gaseous bar that drives gas into the nuclear region causing the absorption inferred from the X-rays. Courtesy of G Matt, III University, Rome, Italyand R. Maiolino, Arcetri Observatory, Florence, Italy

1999 BeppoSAX Calendar

Images courtesy of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the BeppoSAX Science Data Center (SDC).

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