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September 1999 from the BeppoSAX Calendar

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Galactic center observed with the MECS (left) and WFC (right).

Left: Mosaic of BeppoSAX MECS images of the central region of our Galaxy in the 2-10 keV energy range. Several bright compact sources, consisting of neutron stars and black holes accreting in binary systems, are concentrated in this region of the Galaxy. Courtesy of S.Mereghetti and L.Sidoli, Istituto di Fisica Cosmica "G.Occhialini", CNR, Milano, Italy. Right: BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera image of the Galactic plane region. A constellation of X-ray binary sources within the very large field of view (only partly shown) of this coded mask instrument trace the Galactic plane. Courtesy of L. Natalucci, IAS/CNR, Rome, Italy, J. Schuurmans, SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands and J. M. Muller, BeppoSAX SDC Rome, Italy.

1999 BeppoSAX Calendar

Images courtesy of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the BeppoSAX Science Data Center (SDC).

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