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BeppoSAX U.S. Coordination Facility


* BeppoSAX Software release
  • Testing of the WFC software
  • Multi-platforms testing of SAXDAS under the FTOOLS 5.0 prior release of both packages
  • Include Xselect updates for the MECS and LECS under the FTOOLS 5
  • Provides new software releases for the NFI and WFC instruments in the HEASARC FTP area
* Support for AO2 & AO3
  • Implementing the SAX WEBSPEC for simulation
  • Update of the variuos tools for simulation
  • Documentation on line for AO2,AO3,AO4,AO5
* Archive
  • SAX Archive opened February 1998. HEASARC has an agreement with the SDC for an archive exchange. A copy of the SAX archive will be given to HEASARC in exchange for other high energy data archived at HEASARC. CD-rom will be use for data transfer.
  • Purchase and set-up the CD-rom facility at HEASARC
  • A 86% of the public data are now available also via the HEASARC (March 2002). Updates have a lag of 6 mounths.
* Calibration data Ingest
  • Ingest the calibration data MECS, LECS, HPGSPC and PDS (BCF and CPF files)
    in the CALDB
  • Responses and background files are also available in the sax/cal directories in ftp area on legacy
  • Updates of the BeppoSAX calibration data at HEASARC when availble fron
* Database Ingest
  • Establish a procedure to retrieve the database and their updates
  • Set up scripts to generate database tables for Browse
    (Databases updated every 1-2 months). The databases are : SAXNFILOG, log of the observations carried out with the Narrow Field Instruments, SAXWFCLOG, log of the observations carried out with WFC, SAXAO, log of approved proposals.
* Mirror side and FTP area
  • Set up the local WWW BeppoSAX home page
  • Set up a Mirror of the WWW SAX-SDC in Rome (run dayly)
  • Set up a local FTP area dedicated to BeppoSAX
    (mirror of SAX-SDC selected directories every one-two weeks)

If you have any questions concerning BeppoSAX go to the Feedback form.

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