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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Suzaku Spacecraft

The Suzaku spacecraft (figure 1) will weigh about 1,600 kg and its height is 7.1 m in orbit after the EOB extension (see below). The five X-ray Telescopes (XRTs), one for the XRS and four for the XISs are put on the top of the Extensible Optical Bench (EOB) (figure 2), which is extended after the launch. Figure 3 shows a schematic side-view of the Suzaku instrument configuration. The focal length of the XRT-S (the XRT for the XRS) is 4,500 mm and those of the XRT-I0, I1, I2, I3 (for the XISs) are 4,750 mm. The five telescopes point the same direction (+Z direction), and the HXD, which collimates hard X-rays but does not have a mirror, also points the same direction. All the instruments, namely, the XRS, the four XISs, and the HXD, are placed on the octagonal base-plate (figure 4). Eight rectangular side panels surround the baseplate and compose the spacecraft. Definition of the satellite coordinate system is indicated in figure 4. The pointing direction is defined as the +Z direction, and the solar array paddle, which supplies the power of 1.5kW, faces the +Y direction. Note that the XRS is put furthest from the Sun to avoid the heat.

A drawing of Astro-E

Figure 1 : A drawing of the Suzaku spacecraft. Unit of the scale is mm.

A drawing of the EOB

Figure 2: Suzaku Extensible Optical Bench (EOB). The figure shows the configuration after the extension.

A schematic side-view

Figure 3 : A schematic sideview of the Suzaku spacecraft.

A drawing of the base plate

Figure 4 : The Suzaku baseplate. Unit of the scale is mm.

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