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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Processing Version

Last Updated on 2009 March 24

Released 2009-02-09
Mk1stfitsver mk1stfits20080416
Softver Hea_18Sep2008_V6.5.1_Suzaku_30Oct2008_V11
CALDBVER hxd20090109_xis20090109_xrt20080709_xrs20060410
Changes changes

Notes on V2.2.11.24

V2.2.11.24 is a minor update from V2.2.1.22, incorporating a routine update of HXD/GSO gain history.

The Suzaku software in HEADAS has been updated from Version 8 to 10, whyich includes minor bug fixed. The new HXD calibration files include an updated energy energy threshold for Epoch 5 PIN data which started from 2008-09-01.

The software as well as XIS and XRT calibration files in use since v2.2.8.20 include a major update for the XRT+XIS effective area calibration, although these changes have little effect on processing.

Software used since v2.1.7.18 includes a critical bug fix for hxdpi. The XIS calibration files in use since v2.1.7.18 include an updated energy resolution calibration for SCI-on data.

The XIS calibration files in use since v2.1.6.16 include an updated energy scale calibration for SCI-on data.

The HXD calibration files in use since V2.1.6.14 include an adjustment of the low energy threshold for the PIN, following the onset of the PIN flare events on 2007 July 28.

Major changes in v2.0 are as follows:

Current calibration uncertainties are described at:

If you have any questions concerning Suzaku, visit the Feedback form.

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