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X-ray School Goals

The idea behind this school is to provide both a theoretical and practical introduction to the analysis of X-ray data. The lectures will cover the characteristics of X-ray detectors with particular emphasis on implications for correct interpretation of the data. They will also include some of the basic physics in X-ray emission mechanisms and some of the common techniques used to analyze data. 

A non-exhaustive list of the subjects which will be covered includes :

  1. An overview of science addressed in X-ray astronomy (e.g., clusters of galaxies, AGN, CVs, pulsars, x-ray binaries, supernova remnants, stars)
  2. The theory of X-ray production mechanisms.
  3. The operating principles of X-ray detectors with an emphasis on technologies used in operating satellites.
  4. A detailed explanation with practical examples of methods used in X-ray data analysis (spectral, imaging, and timing).

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