A number of sample FITS files produced and/or stored by the HEASARC are provided in one convenient location under the /fits_info/sample_files directory of the HEASARC's anonymous ftp account. A number of Documents describing the HFWG-approved file formats are also available.

The tree is organized based upon scientific dataset type. This page provide links to the corresponding directories of the HEASARC's ftp server

  • events - containing sample 'event lists'
  • images - containing sample images
  • rates - containing sample `light curves'
  • spectra - containing sample spectra (and response matrices)

Both FITS files & ASCII dumps of the FITS headers are stored using the following file naming scheme:

  • {mission}_{inst}_*.fits - for FITS files
  • {mission}_{inst}_*.txt - for ASCII dumps of headers

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