HEASARC Picture of the Week: Compact Objects

Title Date
Picturing Darkness Chandra image of X-rays frmo M87, and the image of the shadow of M87's central supermassie black hole April 15, 2019
Total Disruption Illustration of tidal disruption event ASASSN-14li January 21, 2019
Echoes in the Darkness Illustration of an accreting black hole in a stellar binary system January 14, 2019
Dust or the Wind? Illustration of a dust disk discovered around  neutron star RX J0806.4-4123 September 24, 2018
Spinning and Circling Illustration of a ultracompact X-ray binary; inset: circular orbit determination from NICER X-ray pulse variations September 17, 2018
Identified Flying Object X-ray and IR image of Geminga (upper) and illustration (lower) September 3, 2018
Shredding Illustration of the tidal disruption of a star by a black hole August 27, 2018
Avoid the Holes Chandra identification of a swarm of black holes near the Galactic Center August 13, 2018
Bull's Eye Optical and X-ray image of supernova remnant E0102 in the Small Magellanic Cloud with a newly-identified isolated neutron star inside the red ring May 28, 2018
Bursting out All Over Artist Rendition of a radius expansion burst on a neutron star April 30, 2018
Beyond the Brightness Chandra X-ray image of M51 March 5, 2018
On the Hunt for UGOs Followup observations of unidentified INTEGRAL Gamma-ray sources December 4, 2017
Pulsar Polarization Spin-dependent polarization of the Crab Nebula from AstroSat November 20, 2017
Accelerating Jet Artist rendition of an accretion disk and jet around a black hole in an X-ray binary system November 6, 2017
The Collapsing Star Simulation of a star collapsing to a black hole September 18, 2017
High and LO Gamma-ray image of the sky above LOFAR September 11, 2017
A NICER View of Neutron Stars NICER first light July 17, 2017
Finding Pulsars at Home title-ray pulsars found in Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope data by Einstein@home May 1, 2017
Connecting the Dots NuSTAR observation of a high energy accreting neutron star system in the Andromeda Galaxy March 27, 2017
Black and White Artist illustraion of the X9 system in 47 Tuc; inset: Chandra X-ray image of globular cluster 47 Tuc and X-ray binary X9 March 20, 2017
Ultraluminous Pulsar Galaxy NGC 5907 and ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar March 13, 2017
Spinning in the Wind Chandra observations of pulsar wind nebulae and illustrations showing the derived wind geometry January 30, 2017
Decentralized Black Hole Optical and X-ray image of an extragalactic, off-center supermassive black hole hyperluminous X-ray source October 10, 2016
Extreme Outsider Fermi Gamma-Ray lightcurve of LMC Gamma-Ray binary star October 3, 2016
What You Don't See Radio and X-ray observations of an unusual, purported X-ray binary July 25, 2016
Kind of a Drag Illustration of a precessing tilted inner disk around a spinning black hole July 18, 2016
Truncating the Disk Illustration of a neutron star accreting gas from a compaion star.  Inset shows emission from iron atoms in the accretion disk of the X-ray binary Aql X-1 June 6, 2016
Four Ring Circus of Circinus X-1 X-ray image of light echoes around Cir X-1 April 18, 2016
EXTraS! EXTraS! X-ray Pulsar Discovered in M31! Discovery of the first accreting X-ray pulsar in the Andromeda Galaxy April 11, 2016
Regurgitation Burping Black Hole January 25, 2016
GR Pulsar Beyond the Milky Way Fermi discovery of gamma-ray pulsar beyond the Milky Way November 16, 2015
Acting Up? X-ray image near the Milky Way's central black hole, Sgr A*, and artist interpretation of Sgr A* - G2 interaction October 12, 2015
Ejected Top: Illustration of PSR B1259-63; Bottom: X-ray image of material ejected from the system September 7, 2015
Binary Singularities Simulation of merging black holes August 10, 2015
Awaiting a High-Energy Encounter Artist representation of J2032+4127, a B-star+pulsar binary in a long period, eccentric orbit July 27, 2015
Black Hole Bull's Eye Swift XRT image of X-ray light echoes around black hole X-ray binary V404 Cygni July 13, 2015
Dark Matter Illuminating Black Holes Simulation of gamma-ray glow around a black hole produced by WIMP annihilation June 29, 2015
An Erupting Black Hole Deepest  X-ray image of NGC 5813 yet obtained June 15, 2015
Surprising Magnetar X-ray image of the Galactic Center and close-up of magnetar and Sgr A* June 1, 2015
A Watch Where You Wander Did a White Dwarf destroy a star? April 27, 2015
A Missing Black Hole Found? X-ray, optical and radio (inset) image of possible intermediate mass black hole in NGC 2276 March 30, 2015
Mergers and Expositions Simulation of merging, accreting black holes March 2, 2015
Pinpointing a Monster Optical HST image and NuSTAR hard X-ray image of Arp 299 January 12, 2015
Kicked Out? The mysterious object SDSS113 December 8, 2014
The Pulsing ULX Ultraluminous X-ray pulsar at center of M82 October 13, 2014
How Big Can a Black Hole Be? Radio, optical and X-ray image of PKS 0745 October 6, 2014
Taking the Pulse of the Dead Radio and IR image of the region around HESS J1640 September 22, 2014
Transformer Artist impression of pulsar in transformation September 15, 2014
Signal from Beyond RXTE observation of a medium mass black hole September 1, 2014
NuSTAR Near the Horizon NuSTAR spectrum of the black hole in Mrk 335 plus theoretical model of reflection from the inner accretion disk August 18, 2014
Binary Blackness Artist rendition of a supermassive black hole binary system July 7, 2014
Power of Blackness X-ray and optical image of black hole located in the center of a galaxy cluster RX J1532.9+3021 June 2, 2014
New Supermagnet XMM Newton discovery of transient magnetar April 28, 2014
GR Bonanza Composite optical/x-ray image of lensed quasar RX J1131-1231 showing gravitational lensing March 31, 2014
Abnormal Supersonic Pulsar Jet Runaway pulsar composite X-ray, radio and optical image March 3, 2014
Star Blaster Artist rendition of the black widow pulsar system PSR J1311-3430 March 3, 2014
The Swallowing? Evidence of an X-ray flare in Abell 1795 dwarf galaxy January 13, 2014
The Youngest X-ray Binary Chandra/optical/radio image of Circinus X-1 December 9, 2013
Echoes of a Monster's Roar X-ray echoes of Sgr A* November 18, 2013
Over the Edge? At the Event Horizon October 7, 2013
Turn on the Radio Artist impression shows the top view of an accreting milisecond pulsar September 30, 2013
Spinning Singularity XMM Newton and NuSTAR spectrum of rotating black hole September 16, 2013
On the Black Hole Hunt New Black Holes seen by NuSTAR September 9, 2013
Eating Habits of Sgr A* Chandra ultra-deep X-ray image of Sgr A* September 2, 2013
A Particularly Hard Problem Simulation of the inner accretion disk around a black hole July 1, 2013
The Anti-Glitch XMM-Newton image of anti-glitching magnetar 1E 2259+586 June 3, 2013
The EOS Chandra image of 47 Tuc March 11, 2013
Reflections on a Spinning Black Hole Artist conception of the spinning black hole at the center of NGC 1365 March 4, 2013
Turn Around Chandra X-ray image of the Vela Pulsar January 21, 2013
Black Hole Symmetry The Symmetry of Black Hole jets December 17, 2012
When Holes Collide Black Hole merger simulation October 15, 2012
Another Hole in the Galaxy New Black Hole Candidate October 8, 2012
Pinpointing a Monster Black Hole Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics observation of Sgr A* September 10, 2012
Escaping the Explosion Composite image of SNR MSH 11-16A and IGR J11014 August 6, 2012
Lost Chandra/HST images of CID 42 June 11, 2012
A Black Hole Too Big? Composite image of ULX in M83 May 7, 2012
ISCO Facto? Artist interpretation of accretion disks around spinning and non-spinning black holes April 2, 2012
We Have Ignition This graph based on RXTE data provides an overview of the changing character of T5X2's X-ray emission during outbursts from Oct. 13 to Nov. 19, 2010. March 19, 2012
March Wind Artist impression of the black hole wind in IGR J17091-3624 March 12, 2012
ULX Unmasked X-ray image of the ULX February 27, 2012
Jet Taking Off VLBA and X-ray studies of jet from H17430=-322 black hole January 16, 2012
Slowly Turning X-ray/optical image of outer SMC+SXP 1062 January 2, 2012
The Littlest Black Hole Artist rendition of IGR J17091-3624; inset: X-ray brightness curve December 19, 2011
The Spin of SpaceTime RXTE X-ray history of Cyg X-1 November 28, 2011
Headspinning Fermi LAT observation of the youngest millisecond pulsar, PSR J1823-3021A November 7, 2011
The Tell-Tale Hole Chandra observation of the Gorgon's Head in Perseus October 31, 2011
More from the Crab Crab Gamma-ray pulsations October 17, 2011
Swift and a Swallow Artist rendition of a Black Hole swallowing a star August 29, 2011
Falling In Chandra and VLT images of NGC 3115 and its central black hole August 1, 2011
A Pulsar's Tail Chandra image of the tail of PSR J0357+3205 July 18, 2011
Clumps in the Wind Chandra Deep Field South July 11, 2011
The Beginning of the End of Time Chandra Deep Field South June 20, 2011
The Ring X-ray/optical image of Arp 147, showing ring of black holes March 21, 2011
Silent Superball Superfluid neutron star in Cas A SNR March 7, 2011
What's Eating the Crab? Gamma-ray flare from the Crab February 28, 2011
Jets Stopped Short Hanny's Voorwerp January 24, 2011
A New Rent? Composite image of M100 showing possible new black hole November 29, 2010
Weighing a Neutron Star Artist view of Swift J1749 system October 18, 2010
Recoil Composite Hubble/Chandra image of CID 42 July 5, 2010
Ultracompact Oxygen Artist conception of the ultracompact binary 4U 0614+091 June 28, 2010
Power Going Backward Artist conception of spinning black hole with jet June 14, 2010
Seeds of the Supermassive? Composite X-ray, optical and IR image of M82 and center (inset) May 3, 2010
Dirty Universe X-ray image of Magnetar with dust rings April 19, 2010
Dust and the Wind X-ray and IR image of G54.1+0.3 April 12, 2010
A Test of Type Ia X-ray and optical image of M31 February 22, 2010
New Pulsars New Millisecond Pulsars in the Fermi Catalog January 25, 2010
Darkness Dancing Chandra and Hubble composite of NGC 6240 October 12, 2009
Heavyweight Artist conception of HD 49798 September 14, 2009
Outburst of a Magnetic Personality Artist's impression of a magnetar and an XMM X-ray lightcurve of the outburst August 3, 2009
Blind Pulsars Fermi All Sky Map showing pulsar locations July 13, 2009
Smoke Rings Swift XRT image of sgrj1550-5418 flare March 2, 2009
Spinning Repeater XMM-Newton image of SGR 1627-41 January 19, 2009
Born Again X-ray (Chandra) and optical composite of the Black Widow Pulsar January 5, 2009
Old; New New Fermi Gamma-ray pulsars December 29, 2008
New Pulsar Fermi Gamma-ray pulsar October 20, 2008
The Beating of the Dwarf AE Aqr June 23, 2008
Fixing a Hole Littlest black hole April 7, 2008
Equal and Opposite Reaction Runaway neutron star December 3, 2007
The Heaviest Stellar Hole Artist impression of a black hole accreting a stellar wind; inset: Hubble and Chandra images of M33 X-7 October 22, 2007
Hidden Dwarfs Exposed INTEGRAL detection of an intermediate polar October 1, 2007
The Stripper Pulsar stripping material from a planet September 17, 2007
A New High? INTEGRAL/IBIS image of HESS J1616-508 August 6, 2007
The Weight Artist impression of an intermediate mass black hole May 28, 2007
Exotic, but not too Exotic? XMM Newton image of RX J1856.5-3754 March 26, 2007
New X-ray New Star INTEGRAL image of  new X-ray nova December 4, 2006
Heart of Globulars XMM Images of globulars September 25, 2006
Shrapnel XMM Image of psr B1929+10 August 7, 2006
The Blast Fades RXTE spectra of RS Oph outburst July 24, 2006
Goal XMM Newton image of SNR RCW103 July 10, 2006
Wobble of the Dead XMM Newton image of wobbly neutron star July 3, 2006
How Goes the Flow? Chandra spectrum of GRO J1655-40 June 26, 2006
Runaway Corpse Composite image of IC 443 June 5, 2006
Could this be Magic? Magic observations of LS I +61 303 May 29, 2006
Shaking the Foundations Simulation of gravitational radiation from merging black holes April 24, 2006
Missing Holes Chandra X-ray/optical image of Westerlund 1 November 7, 2005
Turn Turn Turn Chandra observation of 47 Tuc W August 8, 2005
Watching the Accelerator INTEGRAL image of TeV Source June 27, 2005
Dancing Dwarfs Chandra observation of RX J0806.3+1527 June 6, 2005
The Ultra Luminous Chandra + optical image of M74 April 4, 2005
A Whole Hole of Holes Chandra Survey of the Lockman Hole February 28, 2005
Compact Swarm Compact objects swarm near the GC January 24, 2005
The Mouse that Soared X-ray and VLA image of the Mouse September 27, 2004
Where Do Pulsars Get Their Kicks? Chandra Image of CTA1 Pulsar August 23, 2004
Star, Interrupted tidal disruption of a star March 1, 2004
The Spin Zone spinning black hole illustration September 22, 2003
Geminga's Trick of the Tail Geminga x-ray Tails August 25, 2003
A Counter Jet Vela Pulsar Jet July 7, 2003
A Weaker Field Keck and Chandra views of 4C41.17 June 16, 2003
How Compact are Compact Objects? X-ray spectra of an isolated Neutron star April 21, 2003
Dust in the Wind? CHANDRA Image of Cyg X-3 April 14, 2003
Black Widow's Wake Composite Chandra/Optical image of the Black Widow March 3, 2003
Coming and Going in X-rays Chandra Image of SS433 December 16, 2002
Dissecting a Neutron Star Neutron Star Absorption Line spectrum November 11, 2002
Near a Nearby Black Hole Iron line from a microquasar measured by BeppoSAX September 2, 2002
Wild Wind Blowing BeppoSAX May 27, 2002
Measuring Neutron Stars 1E1207 X-ray Spectrum June 10, 2002
Neutron Star Misnomer? 3C58/Chandra April 15, 2002
Neutron Star too Cool for School? Cool Neutron Star/Chandra January 21, 2002
Anti-Matter Engine B1509-58/chandra November 12, 2001
The Fall of Aquila X-1 SAX/Aql X1 October 8, 2001
Compact Binary Quantization? LMXB schematic July 2, 2001
X Marks the Hole LETG/XTE J1118+480 June 11, 2001
Everything Spins spinning black hole May 14, 2001
Black Black Holes Chandra/black black holes March 19, 2001
A Mate for the Crab? HRC/Psr0540-69 March 12, 2001
Supernova Bullseye G11.2-0.3/ACIS January 23, 2001
High School Confidential: Stellar Corpse Found IC 443 Neutron Star January 8, 2001
Lunar Eclipse of Sco X-1 Sco X-1 eclipse Jun 26, 2000
Affinity of X-ray Pulsars Vela Pulsar/ Chandra Jun 19, 2000
A Halo of X-rays Cyg X3 halo May 8, 2000
Jets from SS 433 SS433/pspc Apr 24, 2000
The Fastest Metronomes in the Universe kHz QPO Jan 17, 2000
X-ray Emission from the Crab Nebula Crab Nebula Oct 25, 1999

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