HEASARC Picture of the Week: Large Scale Structure

Title Date
Atoms in Solitude X-ray and optical image of the Coma cluster June 24, 2019
The Body of the Universe, Size XXL 365 clusters in the XXL Survey of clusters of galaxies June 17, 2019
The CNB The energy content of the Universe, then and now March 11, 2019
Once Lost, Now Found? Absorption signature of the warm hot interstellar medium March 4, 2019
Back to Work Multiwavelength study of a cosmic fountain in the galaxy cluster Abell 2597 January 28, 2019
Impulse Power Radio, optical and X-ray composite of the galaxy cluster merger Abell 1033 December 10, 2018
Measuring the Darkness of Night Fermi LAT 9 year all-sky gamma-ray map December 3, 2018
Building the Universe Group of galaxies falling toward the Abell 2142 galaxy cluster October 15, 2018
A New Slant on the First Stars Planck microwave background polarization map May 21, 2018
A NICER View of the Whole Sky NICER slew survey March 26, 2018
New Dark Matter Model on the Line? Chandra X-ray image of the Perseus Cluster and the central supermassive black hole January 8, 2018
Making Up Perseus Hitomi spectra of the Perseus intracluster gas December 11, 2017
Locating the Web Simulation of the cosmic web November 13, 2017
Billows in Perseus Enhanced image of X-ray emission in the Perseus cluster May 29, 2017
Seen in Passing Map of XMM-Newton slew survey sources in galactic coordinates May 22, 2017
Another Form of Dark Matter? Chandra (purple) and optical observations tracing normal and dark matter distributions in galaxy clusters May 8, 2017
Scientists Working Together March of Progress: X-ray, radio and optical images of Centaurus galaxy cluster April 24, 2017
Light from Dark Matter? Mysterious feature seen in X-ray spectrum may arise from dark matter annihilation February 13, 2017
Crash on the Cosmic Superhighway X-ray, optical and radio composite of the collision of 2 galaxy clusters January 16, 2017
The Visibility of Darkness Fermi study of the extragalactic Gamma-ray background November 14, 2016
Relic Composite X-ray, radio, optical and a mass map of the galaxy cluster RX J0603.3+4214 November 7, 2016
The Raving Chandra Deep Field South October 31, 2016
The Water Telescope HAWC skymap September 26, 2016
Far and Away Most distant galaxy cluster identified September 5, 2016
A Map of Motion in Perseus Hitomi observation of the Perseus cluster July 11, 2016
The Wild Frontier A multi-wavelength false-color view of MACS J0717, one of the galaxy clusters in the Frontier Fields Project March 21, 2016
Schizoid Phoenix Composite X-ray and optical image of the Phoenix cluster of galaxies November 2, 2015
Mystery Spot Planck's mysterious cold spot May 4, 2015
The Cosmic Web Map of large scale distribution of dark matter April 20, 2015
Super Colliders Dark and normal matter distributions in colliding galaxies April 6, 2015
The Earliest Jewel Chandra X-ray, Subaru and ESO/VLT optical and Herschel IR image of the Gioiello cluster December 22, 2014
Keeping Things Hot Chandra observations of turbulence in the Perseus and Virgo galaxy clusters November 3, 2014
Dark Matter Bump in the Night? Chandra image and spectrum of the Perseus Cluster June 30, 2014
La Batalla de El Gordo Chandra and Hubble image of El Gordo galaxy cluster May 5, 2014
Our Paradoxical Universe A simulated 30 degree diameter map of the CMB polarization superimposed on the CMB temperature anisotropy centered on the South Celestial Pole. The top panel shows the total polarization field due to the sum of the scalar and tensor modes, with T/S - 0.28 March 17, 2014
The Anomalous Universe? Planck all sky cosmic microwave background map highlighting the spatial anomalies February 17, 2014
New Sources for a New Year new Swift X-ray sources January 6, 2014
Iron Chef Suzaku X-ray study of the Perseus Cluster November 4, 2013
Ironing Multiwavelength+X-ray view of NGC 5044 galaxy group October 21, 2013
Tresses of Coma Chandra+optical image of the Coma Cluster September 23, 2013
Relic Planck's first 15.5 months of all-sky observations March 25, 2013
A Bridge Too Far Planck Intercluster Bridge November 26, 2012
The Fog of Stellar History Fermi observes the fog of cosmic history November 5, 2012
The Star Factory Planck (blue) and Fermi (red) all sky images superimposed August 20, 2012
Planck meets Fermi Planck (blue) and Fermi (red) all sky images superimposed February 20, 2012
A Deeper Universe LAT 2-year all sky gamma-ray map September 12, 2011
Searching for the Next Universe The signatures of a bubble collision at various stages in the analysis pipeline. August 22, 2011
Four Way Stop Sign Chandra + optical image of Abell 2744 June 27, 2011
Dance of the Double Cluster XMM-Newton false color image of cluster Abell 2028 April 25, 2011
The Fringes of Perseus Suzaku study of the Perseus Cluster March 28, 2011
Mature for Your Age A Cluster at High Redshift March 14, 2011
Keep Busy XMM Slew survey December 27, 2010
Far Away Cooling Chandra + optical image of the most distant cooling flow November 1, 2010
The End of How it All Began This image is the detailed, all-sky picture of the infant universe created from seven years of WMAP data. The image reveals 13.7 billion year old temperature fluctuations (shown as color differences) that correspond to the seeds that grew to become the galaxies. October 11, 2010
Deconstructing the Universe Planck and XMM images of a new found supercluster October 4, 2010
Switch on the Radio composite X-ray and radio image of Abell 1758 September 6, 2010
Missing No More? A Test of the WHIM May 17, 2010
Passing the Cosmic Test Fermi GR background May 10, 2010
Background Check Fermi GR background March 15, 2010
Web of Darkness XMM and COSMOS lensing survey February 8, 2010
A Tale of Two Tails X-ray and optical image of ESO 137-001 February 1, 2010
The Bones of the Universe XMM-LSS survey image January 18, 2010
Heavy Metal Mine redshift histogram December 7, 2009
Do Look Back redshift histogram November 30, 2009
Light from the Dawn of Time Planck sees the cosmic Microwave radiation September 28, 2009
Outskirts Suzaku image of PKS 0745-191 with HST image inset August 31, 2009
Pileup on the Intergalactic Freeway Chandra and HST image of collision of 4 clusters of galaxies April 27, 2009
Our Erratic Universe Fermi Scanning the Sky April 13, 2009
Bright Gamma Sky Release of Fermi/LAT Bright source list February 09, 2009
Darkness into Light left: Chandra image of cluster of galaxies; right: Simulation of the evolution of the Universe December 22, 2008
Just Passing By XMM-Newton Slew survey September 29, 2008
Fasten Your Seatbelts Images of light and dark matter September 08, 2008
All Fermi LAT 4-day all sky survey September 01, 2008
Filigree XMM image bridge between two galaxy clusters May 12, 2008
XMM View of the COSMOS XMM image of COSMOS field February 11, 2008
One Behind the Other XMM image of Abell 3128 and background cluster February 4, 2008
The Mystery Machine Happy Halloween from Chandra October 29, 2007
Rushing Downhill Galaxy with Tail September 24, 2007
Cataloguing A Piece of the Universe Second XMM serendipitous source catalog September 10, 2007
Light and Dark Matter X-ray and Gravitational lensing maps of Abell 520 cluster August 20, 2007
Where's the Matter? INTEGRAL AGN volume density March 5, 2007
Cataloguing the GR Sky INTEGRAL 3rd IBIS catalogue February 5, 2007
Wondering in a Deep Field XMM-Newton X-ray Deep Field January 29, 2007
Speeding Bullet XMM-Newton image of Abell 3376 November 27, 2006
A History of Looking Backward A History of redshift September 18, 2006
Darkness into Light Dark and Normal Matter split August 28, 2006
Pull of Gravity XMM-Newton X-ray image of Abell 3266 August 21, 2006
Abundance XMM-Newton X-ray data on cluster abundances June 12, 2006
House of Mirrors Subaru and XMM images of gravitation lens SDSS J1004+4112 May 8, 2006
Binary Black Hole Contrails Chandra X-ray and VLA radio image of Abell 400 April 10, 2006
The Medium is a Message XMM-Newton and R-band images of Stephan's Quintet March 13, 2006
Getting Together While Young XMM-Newton and VLT images of XMMU J2235.3-2557 February 20, 2006
Taking Perseus' Temperature Chandra Temperature Map of the Perseus Cluster February 6, 2006
Peacock's Plumage XMM Newton image of the Pavo group December 5, 2005
The Devil Made Me Do It Chandra Image of the Perseus Cluster October 31, 2005
Dark Matter Map XMM-Newton temperature map of Abell 85 August 29, 2005
Iron Dating Chandra spectra of iron around black holes August 22, 2005
An Isolated Case of Dark Matter Chandra image of a halo around NGC 4555 February 7, 2005
Watch Your Cavities Chandra and VLA image of MS 0735.6+7421 January 10, 2005
The Stripper XMM-Newton image of Abell 1644 October 4, 2004
Free Falling Chandra Image for the Fornax cluster September 13, 2004
Darkness Visible Chandra images 3 clusters of galaxies May 24, 2004
New Cosmic Survey PCA All Sky Survey February 9, 2004
Ancient Structure CHANDRA and VLT observations of an old, massive cluster January 26, 2004
X-ray Panorama SPI Al 26 Map July 28, 2003
Forging Aluminum SPI Al 26 Map July 13, 2003
Getting the GOODS on the Universe Chandra Temperature map of the galaxy cluster PKS0745-191 June 23, 2003
Cool Cluster Core Chandra Temperature map of the galaxy cluster PKS0745-191 December 2, 2002
The Great Beyond NGC891 X-ray & Optical images August 5, 2002
Shooting Star Cluster 1E0657-56/Chandra April 1, 2002
Mining Aluminum in the Universe Comptel 1.8 MeV Map July 23, 2001
Youngest X-ray Galaxy Cluster CHANDRA/3C294 June 25, 2001
Encircling the Pole ROSAT/South Ecliptic Pole April 2, 2001
Black Holes in the Deep Field chandra/deep field south March 26, 2001
Cosmic Cluster Mosaic: Dark Matter Revealed XMM-NEWTON COMA CLUSTER October 23,2000
The Growth of Sensitivity X-ray All Sky Sources October 2, 2000
Compact Group Controversy HCG16/XMM September 25, 2000
Mysterious Radiant Sources EGRET/ALL SKY MAP August 14, 2000
A Hidden Cluster Revealed XMM/New Cluster July 3, 2000
Silhouettes on the X-ray Sky Draco Shadow May 15, 2000
The Extreme Ultraviolet Universe EUVE All sky map Apr 10, 2000
X-raying the Universe ROSAT All Sky Survey Mar 27, 2000
The Universe at 100 MeV EGRET all sky map Oct 4, 1999

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