HEASARC Picture of the Week: Nebulae

Title Date
Astronomers Discover Giant Glowing Octopus XMM-Newton false color image of the Carina Nebula, which looks like an octopus in a certain light April 1, 2019
Is a Star Born? An X-ray image of the Carina Nebula by the Chandra X-ray Observatory February 25, 2019
The Selfless Gift An X-ray and optical image of the supernova remnant E0102 December 24, 2018
A New View of Tycho AstroSat X-ray image of the Tycho supernova remnant October 1, 2018
Blowing a Hot Bubble The X-ray nebula NGC 3199 April 23, 2018
Multicolor Crab Multiwavelength Crab Nebula March 19, 2018
New View of the Hot Crescent X-ray and optical image of the Crescent Nebula February 26, 2018
Enrichment Distribution of elements in Cas A December 18, 2017
Feeding Back Multiwavelength View of the giant molecular cloud W51 July 24, 2017
Catching a New Crab New Multi-wavelength view of the Crab Nebula July 10, 2017
Commemorating SN 1987a Composite image of SN 1987a at 30 March 6, 2017
Blob and Bubble HST and Chandra image of Hanny's Voorwerp August 22, 2016
The Expansion of Tycho Chandra X-ray images of Tycho SNR from 2000 and 2015 May 30, 2016
Type Ia Trigger Chandra X-ray image of SNR G1.9+0.3 April 4, 2016
Astrosat First Light Astrosat First Light Image of the Crab Nebula October 19, 2015
Hot Stuff in Thor's Helmet X-ray and optical composite image of the Thor's Helmet nebula (NGC 2359) June 8, 2015
Remnant of Destruction IR, optical and X-ray image of supernova remnant N49 May 18, 2015
An Asymmetric Supernova Spectral lines of Ti44 from SN 1987a detected by NuSTAR May 11, 2015
Single Degenerate X-ray (Suzaku and Chandra) and optical image of SNR 3C397 April 13, 2015
Why Not Round? 3-color X-ray image from Chandra of G299.2-2.9 plus 2MASS IR image February 16, 2015
The Complete Puppis A Chandra and XMM X-ray color image of Puppis A September 29, 2014
Bulldozer Multiwavelength image of SNR  G352.7-0.1 April 21, 2014
A Sloshing Supernova? NuSTAR and Chandra view of Cas A February 24, 2014
Making the List Fermi and optical image of the Jellyfish Nebula December 23, 2013
Diagnosing Dead Stars Multiwavelength view of a new SNR in the LMC December 16, 2013
Hidden Supernova Chandra image of G1.9+0.3 supernova remnant July 15, 2013
Mosaic of 1006 Chandra X-ray mosaic of SN 1006 April 29, 2013
Another Rung on the Ladder Chandra observation of X-ray emission from the Kepler SNR, with labels April 8, 2013
Hot Gas Inside the Eskimo XMM and optical images of the Eskimo Nebula March 18, 2013
Accelerating Jellyfish Fermi gamma-ray and multiwavelength image of the JellyFish Supernova remnant February 25, 2013
Local Fireball Chandra image of W49B supernova remnant February 18, 2013
Born Again Abell30 composite image February 11, 2013
Purple and Gold Super Bubble Composite X-ray and optical image of DEM L50 February 4, 2013
Shaping the Future Herschel IR and XMM-Newton observation of W44 SNR November 19, 2012
Super Powerful Kepler Super Nova? Chandra image of Kepler's supernova remnant September 17, 2012
Which Way to Explode? Chandra image of G350.1-0.3 February 6, 2012
A Guest Star, Identified Infrared and X-ray image of RCW 86 December 12, 2011
Cosmic Ray Cocoon Infrared and LAT/Gamma-Ray image of Cyg X star forming region December 5, 2011
Slow Slowing Spin Swift XRT image of RCW 103 August 8, 2011
What's Tickling RCW 89? Chandra image of PSR B1509-58 and RCW89 June 13, 2011
In the Way Tycho SNR in X-rays June 6, 2011
Feedback X-ray Map of the Carina Nebula May 30, 2011
Tycho Stripes X-ray Stripes in Tycho's SNR April 4, 2011
Hot HOt HOT X-ray Nebula around NGC 346 February 14, 2011
Ornamental Chandra + HST image of SNR 0509 December 20, 2010
Reach for the Sky Chandra image of pulsar wind nebula July 26, 2010
Focusing on the Accelerators Fermi and composite image of W44 March 1, 2010
Overcooked Fossil Jellyfish Suzaku view of the Jellyfish Nebula January 4, 2010
The Shape of Things that Were Chandra view of two types of supernova remnants December 21, 2009
405 X-ray images of Kepler's Supernovae August 24, 2009
Forwards and Backwards X-ray and optical image of SNR E0102 August 10, 2009
What Broke the Ball? X-ray and IR image of SNR 0104-72.3 and field June 22, 2009
The Color of Carina X-ray Color image of the Carina Nebula May 25, 2009
Cas A in 4-D X-ray movie stills of Cas A January 12, 2009
Blue Crab X-ray image of the outer crab November 17, 2008
Once a Star multi-wavelength view of SN1006 July 7, 2008
Stellar Death Across the Spectrum multi-wavelength view of W28 June 30, 2008
Under a Bushel of Dust VLA and Chandra composite of G1.9+0.3. May 19, 2008
Found Link? Chandra Image of Kes 75 April 28, 2008
Transformer Particle Acceleration in RXJ 1713.7-3946 February 25, 2008
Complement Chandra and XMM images of 2 SNRs August 13, 2007
Mystery Spot Suzaku image of TeV source region - possible SNR? July 23, 2007
Slowly I Turn Chandra image of RCW 103 July 16, 2007
Shocking Pink Chandra and Sptizer image of N132D June 18, 2007
Fast Fuse Chandra and XMM images of quick exploding Ia SNe April 23, 2007
Big Burst Color X-ray image of the Carina Nebula by XMM March 12, 2007
Accel-a-Rama Chandra acceleration map of Cas A November 20, 2006
Great Jupiter's Ghost XMM and Hubble view of NGC 3242 October 30, 2006
Slew View rosat and xmm slew survey view of the Vela SNR October 16, 2006
Gamma Cas A INTEGRAL observation of Cas A September 11, 2006
Great Balls of Low Metallicity Fire Chandra montage of LMC supernova remnants July 17, 2006
Interstellar Explosion Erosion Chandra and ROSAT observations of Puppis A February 27, 2006
Not Fade Away XMM observations of SN 1979c December 19, 2005
Now Showing in the Center Ring Montage of SN 1987a November 28, 2005
CSI: LMC Chandra/optical composite of DEM L316 November 21, 2005
Cosmic Ray Bloom Chandra image of Tycho SNR September 26, 2005
Dust to Dust Chandra, HST and Spitzer composite of Cas A SNR June 20, 2005
X-ray Nebulae of a New Star Chandra image of GK Per remnant May 30, 2005
Finding a Crab's Shell g21.5-0.9 SNR X-ray shell April 25, 2005
Inside the Eskimo Eskimo Nebula Composite March 14, 2005
Pulsing Wind Chandra observation of 3C58 December 20, 2004
TeraVolt Imaging TeV image of an SNR November 8, 2004
A Great View Composite image of Kepler's SNR October 11, 2004
Now with Enhanced Silicon Million Second look at Cas A by Chandra August 30, 2004
Olympian Rings HETG Image of 1e0102-7219 August 16, 2004
Cosmic Ray Gun Revisited XMM-Newton and VLA view of SN 1006 June 14, 2004
Normal to a Burst? X-ray and IR composite of W49b June 7, 2004
Blowing Bubbles, Not Forever XMM-Newton Image and optical images of S308 May 10, 2004
A Crab Too Far Chandra Image SNR 0540-69.3 May 3, 2004
A Galactic Recommended Allowance of Mg Chandra Image of N49B March 29, 2004
Ornament Composite Image of the SNR N63a in the LMC December 22, 2003
Exhumations XMM Images of Kepler's SNR October 27, 2003
Stellar Epochs: Shocking Revelations Chandra and optical image of NGC 6888 October 20, 2003
Resolving the Accelerator Chandra image of SN 1006 June 30, 2003
What's Left of a Standard Candle SNR DEM L71 March 24, 2003
A Supernova Beyond the Milky Way Chandra Image of a Super Nova remnant in M31 December 9, 2002
In Dying Color Chandra color images of Cas-A and Tycho SNRs September 9, 2002
Chandra Pinpoints a Pulsar Chandra Pinpoints a pulsar July 2, 2002
A Brightly-Colored Tombstone BeppoSAX June 3, 2002
SNR G54.1+0.3: a Close Cousin of the Crab SNR G54.1+0.3/Chandra April 22, 2002
A Tarantula's X-rays Tarantula Nebula Composite March 18, 2002
Stellar Post-Mortem G292.0+1.8 Chandra X-ray image November 5, 2001
A Star Turned Inside Out CAS A True color image October 1, 2001
Chemical Segregation in Tycho Tycho Image by XMM September 10, 2001
The Vicinity of a Supernova Vela Wide/Chandra August 27, 2001
Broken Star Bubble ROSAT/VELA SNR August 13, 2001
First X-rays from SN 1987A SN1987A PSPC August 6, 2001
The Universal Distribution Center XMM/NGC 132D May 21, 2001
Cosmic Ray Gun ASCA/SN 1006 November 13, 2000
A Shock Wave Coming and Going E0102 composite September 18, 2000
A Blast from the Recent Past SN1987A July 31, 2000
Chemical Segregation in Cas A Chandra/Cas A July 10, 2000
Edge of a Remnant N132D/HRC Feb 21, 2000
Shards of a Star: A High-resolution X-ray Image of the Cygnus Loop Cygnus Loop Jan 10, 2000
An X-ray picture of the bright supernova remnant SN1006 SN1006 Nov 29, 1999
Chandra Observation of the Supernova Remnant Cas A Cas A Sep 20, 1999

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