HEASARC Picture of the Week: Normal Galaxies

Title Date
Falling into the Whirlpool NuSTAR hard X-ray image of the Whirlpool galaxy and M51b compared to the optical May 13, 2019
Blowing Bubbles XMM-Newton discovers hot flows through a Galactic chimney April 8, 2019
Being Virtually There Galactic Center X-ray Simulation March 25, 2019
The Death of Dark Matter? X-ray/optical composite of the ring galaxy AM 0644 December 17, 2018
In the Darkness, Bind Them Gamma-ray excess near the Galactic center September 10, 2018
Extremes in the Fields Chandra image of the Galactic Center; inset: region near the supermassive black hole and variable magnetar July 30, 2018
Baryons Wanted XMM view of extended galactic halo June 18, 2018
Immerse Yourself in the Galactic Center Frame from a 360 degree simulation of the hot gas in the center of the Milky Way January 15, 2018
Ornaments INTEGRAL sources in the Galaxy December 25, 2017
Mysterious Star Factory UVIT image of WLM October 9, 2017
ULX factory X-ray image from Chandra, NuSTAR superimposed on an optical image of the star forming galaxy Arp 299 September 4, 2017
Starbursts and Time Bombs Optical and X-ray image of IC 10 August 28, 2017
Annihilating WIMPS in M31? Fermi Gamma-ray image of the Andromeda Galaxy superimposed on an optical image.  The Gamma-rays are concentrated near the center of the galaxy. February 27, 2017
Spinning Hot Halo Illustration of the hot halo around the Milky Way galaxy August 1, 2016
A Hard Look at Andromeda X-ray and Optical images of the Chesire Cat group of galaxies January 11, 2016
Funhouse X-ray and Optical images of the Chesire Cat group of galaxies December 14, 2015
The Radio Phoenix Reawakened X-ray, optical and radio image of Abell 1033 September 14, 2015
The Wonderful World of Color A multicolor image of M101 that you can make yourself August 24, 2015
Brighter than a Black Hole NuSTAR high energy X-ray image of the center of the Milky Way August 3, 2015
Ripples Multi-wavelength composite of the Cartwheel galaxy March 9, 2015
Dust to Dust Planck composite map of the Milky Way February 9, 2015
LMC VHE H.E.S.S. detection of LMC TEV sources January 26, 2015
Ghost Particle Factory? Three color X-ray image of the center of the Milky Way by Chandra November 17, 2014
Inside the Bubble Diagram showing the density of helium atoms near the solar system and the pointing direction of DXL August 11, 2014
Heated Whirlpool Million-second Chandra X-ray image, and Hubble Space Telescope image of the Whirlpool Galaxy June 23, 2014
Streaking Chandra+HST image of spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 May 26, 2014
Magnetic Milky Way Planck view of the magnetic field of the Milky Way May 12, 2014
Dark Matter Signal? Fermi's excess signal at the Galactic Center March 24, 2014
Swift Action at the Galactic Center Swift Deep Image of the Galactic center January 27, 2014
Fireworks display Composite X-ray/optical image of NGC 6946 November 11, 2013
The Dense Dwarf Chandra and optical composite image of M60-UCD1 October 14, 2013
Pointing to a Cosmic Collision Chandra and optical composite image of NGC 1232 August 26, 2013
Finding the Holes in M31 Chandra detection of black hole candidates in M31 June 24, 2013
Slumbering Giant Composite NuSTAR high energy and optical image of the Sculptor galaxy June 17, 2013
LMCUV Swift/UVOT UV image of the Large Magellanic Cloud June 10, 2013
Stars A-Bursting Composite X-ray/optical image of colliding galaxies NGC 6240 May 13, 2013
A Super-TIGER on the Prowl SuperTIGER launch, Antarctica, Dec 9 2012 December 24, 2012
Ornaments INTEGRAL sources in the Galaxy* December 24, 2012
Monster Stirring NuSTAR detected flare from Sgr A* October 29, 2012
The WHIM of the Milky Way Artist interpretation of the hot halo around the Milky Way October 1, 2012
Bubble Bulldozer composite image shows a superbubble in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) September 3, 2012
Nine Years of the Milky Way INTEGRAL 9 year image of the Milky Way July 30, 2012
The Birth and Death of Stars Composite image of the star forming region N51 in the LMC July 23, 2012
The Pinwheel Composite view of M101 May 28, 2012
What is the Matter? dwarf spheroidal galaxy in the constellation Fornax? April 9, 2012
Black Hole Meteors? Are asteroids falling into the Milky Way's Black Hole? February 13, 2012
Stellar Spider Web X-ray and Infrared image of 30 Doradus November 14, 2011
Top Ten of 2010 Gamma-Ray Bubbles from the Center of the Milky Way February 21, 2011
Solving the Chicken-Egg Conundrum Chandra/VLA/optical composite of Henize 210 February 7, 2011
Life and Death in M31 M31 Composite January 10, 2011
Unseen is Important Hanny's Voorwerp December 13, 2010
Glowing Fountains Artist rendition of galactic fountains in the Milky Way December 6, 2010
Temporarily Blowing Bubbles? Artist rendering of Milky Way Gamma-Ray bubbles November 22, 2010
Great Antennae IR, Optical and X-ray mosaic of the Antennae Galaxies August 23, 2010
Views of the Center IR, Optical and X-ray mosaic of the Galactic Center January 11, 2010
The LMC in Gamma Rays Fermi LAT image of the LMC November 16, 2009
Andromeda Unchained UV mosaic of M31 October 5, 2009
Enrichment 26Al map of the Galaxy by INTEGRAL June 8, 2009
Resolving the Ridge Spitzer image of Galactic Center and Deep Chandra field May 11, 2009
Cigar Afficionado Multiwavelength view of M82 April 20, 2009
The Birth and Death of Stars composite image of the Medusa galaxy (also known as NGC 4194) shows X-ray data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory in blue and optical light from the Hubble Space Telescope in orange March 23, 2009
Evacuation Route Chandra, HST image of NGC 604 February 2, 2009
Bursting Bubbles Chandra, radio/VLA and optical image of M84 December 8, 2008
Hot Spots in M101 Deep Chandra image of M101 December 1, 2008
Galaxy of the Dead INTEGRAL image of the Milkyway November 3, 2008
The Hot and Cold of Star Birth X-ray, optical and IR image of NGC 346 October 27, 2008
Supernova in the Bits X-ray + optical image of Circinus galaxy and sn 1996cr October 6, 2008
Rogues' Gallery Optical and Swift UV/X-ray images of galaxies August 18, 2008
Relics of a Giant's Past Composite View of giant elliptical M87 August 11, 2008
Ate its Full Chandra and Hubble image of NGC 4649 July 28, 2008
Diffuse Starburst XMM-Newton observation of NGC 253 June 9, 2008
The Range of Annihilation INTEGRAL image of positron-electron annihilation April 21, 2008
Peeking in on the Neighbors M33 in the Ultraviolet March 3, 2008
See the Whirlpool M51 in X-rays December 17, 2007
Grand Central Scan Super-AGILE Scan of the Galactic Center November 26, 2007
The Center, Dissected Suzaku observations of the Galactic center November 5, 2007
Bursting Bubbles N19 in the SMC in optical, radio and X-ray September 3, 2007
What the Cap is Made Of M82 by Suzaku and Subaru August 27, 2007
ISGRI Unveiled ISGRI absorption column measures June 11, 2007
Die Fast, Die Slow XMM Newton Observations of Novae in M31 May 21, 2007
Hat Tip for the Queen Chandra, Hubble and Spitzer images of the Sombrero Galaxy May 7, 2007
Two Views of a Grand Design M101 in X-rays and visible light February 19, 2007
Echoes of a Monster's Roar Chandra image of light echoes in galactic center January 22, 2007
Was Kilroy Here? X-ray image of 2 nearly simultaneous supernovae December 11, 2006
Ridge of Iron RXTE Galactic Ridge August 14, 2006
A History of Violence Chandra images Galactic Center July 31, 2006
Heart of Andromeda Chandra images of elliptical galaxies June 19, 2006
Fuel Efficiency Standards Chandra images of elliptical galaxies May 1, 2006
Stirring the Drink Chandra images of elliptical galaxies April 17, 2006
Falling In Chandra image of halo around NGC 5746 February 13, 2006
Head over Wheel Cartwheel Galaxy Composite January 30, 2006
Spinning Aluminum INTEGRAL Detects Rotating Aluminum 26 January 16, 2006
King of Corona Corona around edge-on spiral NGC 4634 October 24, 2005
A Surfeit of ULXs X-ray and H-alpha emission from starbursts October 3, 2005
Blowing Off Steam X-ray and H-alpha emission from starbursts August 15, 2005
A Neighbor's X-ray M33 mosaic by XMM-Newton May 2, 2005
Andromeda's X-ray M31 mosaic by XMM-Newton January 31, 2005
TeV Neighbor? Galactic TeV Source January 3, 2005
The Anti-Galaxy 511 keV image of the Galaxy November 15, 2004
How Much is Too Much? Diffuse X-ray emission in the Galactic Center October 18, 2004
Reflections of a More Active Time INTEGRAL Hard X-ray View of the center of the Milky Way September 6, 2004
The Hot Center Chandra Image of the SGR A June 28, 2004
The Upper End of the Beast Whipple TeV image of the Galactic Center May 31, 2004
Sources in the Mist IBIS image of the center of the Milky way April 19, 2004
A Long Hard Glance IBIS Galactic Plane Survey March 15, 2004
New Soft Lights Quasi-Soft Sources found by Chandra March 8, 2004
Weapon of Mass Destruction Found SPI sees electron-positron annihilation February 23, 2004
Strip Mining Chemicals in the Antenna January 19, 2004
Two Sides of M101 NGC 1700/CHANDRA January 12, 2004
Skidmarks Chandra image of Compact Object Halo around NGC 4261 December 15, 2003
The Monster Awakens? INTEGRAL view of Sgr A* November 17, 2003
Galaxy Trail optical/X-ray image of M86 October 6, 2003
Ripples Singing Gorgon September 15, 2003
Scene of a Crash Arp 299 Chandra Image September 1, 2003
Shocking Revelations Among the Quintet Chandra image of Stephan's Quintet May 12, 2003
Where the Wild Things Are Chandra image of Milky Way Center May 5, 2003
The Hard Plane INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Scan February 24, 2003
The Galactic Center Sends Up a Flare XMM-Newton Image of a Galactic center flare February 10, 2003
The Compact Object Factory CHANDRA image of M83 January 27, 2003
Deep in the Heart of the Milky Way Sgr A*/CHANDRA January 13, 2003
Building an Bigger Galaxy NGC 1700/CHANDRA January 6, 2003
MOND Unfound NGC720 CHANDRA IMAGE October 28, 2002
Dwarf's Gift NGC1569 X-ray & Optical composite July 29, 2002
Where Stellar Monsters Once Ruled NGC 1553 Chandra Image June 17, 2002
Exploring the Ridge Galactic center - radio, X-ray and mm wave May 13, 2002
Not Just Passing Through Arp 220/Chandra May 6, 2002
Plume in Centaurus Centaurus Cluster/Chandra February 4, 2002
Midtown of the Milky Way Chandra Mosaic of the center of the Milky Way January 14, 2002
An Elliptical Galaxy's "Inner Spiral" NGC 4636/CHANDRA January 7, 2002
Up the Chimney NGC 253/ROSAT December 24, 2001
Looking through a Hole in the Sky ROSAT/Lockman Hole December 17, 2001
Hot Galactic Halo Chandra/NGC 4631 October 15, 2001
In the Zone of Avoidance Acis/zone of avoidance August 20, 2001
Xray image of a Cosmic Crash Chandra image of the Antennae July 30, 2001
Gathering of Black Holes? NGC 253 Ultraluminous Sources July 16, 2001
X-ray Flashers in M31 XMM/M31 center July 9, 2001
Diagnosing the Heart of the Galaxy ROSAT/Galactic Center April 23, 2001
X-ray Census in Andromeda XMM-Newton/M31 February 5,2001
Perseus and the Gorgon's Head Perseus/ACIS July 24, 2000
The Black Heart of M31 M31/ACIS Jun 5, 2000
Starbursts and Stellar Deaths M82/Chandra May 29, 2000
The Gamma Ray Resolution Revolution EGRET/GLAST Anticenter Mar 20, 2000
Hot Light in the Stellar Nursery XMM/30 DOR Mar 13, 2000
The Nearest Supermassive Black Hole Found? Galaxy Center/CHANDRA Jan 31, 2000
A High Resolution X-ray Map of the LMC LMC/HRI November 1, 1999

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