HEASARC Picture of the Week: Transients

Title Date
Danger! Danger! Simulation of nova V906 Car May 4, 2020
Glow and Afterglow Model of Gamma Ray Burst Emission April 20, 2020
Another Golden Merger? Illustration of the neutron star binary merger from April 25, 2019 January 20, 2020
How High? GRB 180720B 10 to 12 hours after the burst seen by H.E.S.S. December 9, 2019
MAGIC Burst Artist interpretation of Fermi and Swift observation of GRB190114 November 25, 2019
The Sudden ULX NuSTAR view of ultra-luminous X-ray sources in the Fireworks galaxy November 11, 2019
Chandra XX: Things that go Bump in the X-ray Night Chandra Deep Field South and the mysterious source XT1 (inset) September 23, 2019
More Gold from the Third Run? Sky Map of the estimated location of the neutron star merger S190425z July 8, 2019
Twirling in the Stellar Graveyard Masses in the Stellar Graveyard May 20, 2019
A New Take on Mergers Chandra discovers an X-ray neutron star merger May 6, 2019
The cow that Roared Illustration of an accretion disk around a black hole and jet, similar to the aftermath of a failed supernova November 19, 2018
A Previous Kilonova? Left: X-ray emission from GRB 150101B on Jan 9, 2015; Middle: X-ray emission from GRB 150101B on Feb 10, 2015; Right: Simulated kilonova explosion November 12, 2018
Catching the First Burst First X-ray afterglow of a Gamma-ray burst August 20, 2018
A Baby Black Hole? XMM-Newton Observation of GW170817 June 4, 2018
Gold Metal Illustration of two neutron stars merging February 19, 2018
Leaking Gravity? Illustration of gravitational waves from a neutron star binary merger February 5, 2018
Blue Kilonova First observation of the UV emission from a kilonova by Swift/UVOT October 30, 2017
Basking in the Afterglow Chandra X-ray and HST visible-band images of GW170817, a merger of two neutron stars October 23, 2017
Connecting Light and Gravity Fermi and LIGO/Virgo detection of a neutron star merger October 16, 2017
Super EGO LIGO and Virgo detection of GW 170814 October 2, 2017
Mysterious Flash in the Deep Field Chandra Deep Field South and the mysterious source XT1 (inset) April 3, 2017
Gravity's Echoes? Numerical simulation of two merging black holes December 19, 2016
GR/FRB? Swift BAT discovery image of GR transient (circled) which may be associated with a Fast Radio Burst November 28, 2016
Bewildering Outburst Strange flare source in Centaurus A October 24, 2016
Mysterious Shots in the Dark One of the fast X-ray transients detected by INTEGRAL September 12, 2016
Neutron Stars and the Dance of Death Illustration of a jet from a gamma-ray burst produced by the merger of two neutron stars August 8, 2016
Echoes of a Devoured Star Illustration of a temporary accretion disk formed when a black hole devours a star June 27, 2016
The Second Merger LIGO signal from the second observed black hole merger June 20, 2016
Bert, Ernie and Big Bird The three highest energy neutrinos, with energies of 1.0, 1.1 and 2.2 PeV, from left to right May 23, 2016
What's Making Waves? Simulation of gravitational waveforms produced by a merging black hole binary system May 16, 2016
Breakout Kepler's measurement of the change in brightness vs. time for two exploding stars March 28, 2016
1000 Bursts in 4000 days Swift burst number 1000 November 23, 2015
The Prince of Tidal Disruptions Artist rendering of a star being ripped apart by a black home October 26, 2015
Good Enough to Accrete Baker's conception of a Gamma-ray nova February 2, 2015
Starquake Artist conception of neutron starquake December 1, 2014
"New Stars" Seen in New Way Fermi Gamma-ray images of novae August 25, 2014
Dancing with the Bursts The GRB Suite: Bridging art and science through the story of gamma-ray bursts August 4, 2014
Metal Poor Burst? Artist rendition of a jet-driven supernova in a metal-poor blue supergiant star July 14, 2014
SN2014J Swift UVOT image of SN 2014J in M82 February 3, 2014
Burst of Knowledge Fermi LAT observation of GRB 130427a November 25, 2013
High Energy Ghost Particles from Outer Space IceCube Neutrino Detector May 20, 2013
The Wow Burst LAT image of the April 27, 2013 gamma-ray burst May 6, 2013
Long, Long Burst Histogram of GRBs including ultra-long bursts April 22, 2013
A Breakthrough Chandra/HST image of SN 2010jl May 21, 2012
Cool Science Final IceCube detector being placed under the Antarctic ice April 23, 2012
Double Degenerate? merged X-ray view of SN Ia by Swift March 26, 2012
Neutron Star of Wonder Two views of GRB101225A December 26, 2011
Now Who's Farthest? Farthest burst ever seen? July 25, 2011
A Flare from the Crab Gamma-ray flare from the Crab Nebula May 16, 2011
Time Flies for RXTE RXTE 15th Birthday Poster May 2, 2011
Short Bursts Solved? Model of a short GRB produced by a neutron star merger April 18, 2011
Down the Rabbit Hole Lightcurve of a star swallowed by a supermassive black hole April 11, 2011
Transmogrification Lightcurve of a grb/magnetar November 8, 2010
Sic Transit Gloria MAXI MAXI detection of a new X-ray Transient October 25, 2010
Gamma Nova Fermi LAT detection of Nova Cyg 2010 August 16, 2010
Stunning GRB100621A July 19, 2010
The Swift 500 500 Swift Bursts June 7, 2010
Long Distance Champion Afterglow of GRB 090423 November 9, 2009
The Great Photon Race Fermi Photon Race November 2, 2009
A Magnetic, High Energy Personality INTEGRAL observation of SGR 0501+4516, with model October 26, 2009
Neutron Star Storm SGR 1900+14 BAT lightcurve September 7, 2009
Close to the Big Bang z=8.2 afterglow seen by Swift May 4, 2009
The Extremest Extreme burst detected by Fermi, Swift and GROND February 23, 2009
How Low Can You Go? INTEGRAL distribution map of faint GRBs November 24, 2008
Far and Away Farthest Burst September 22, 2008
It's Here! GBM GRB August 25, 2008
Stumbled Upon Nova XMM-Newton Slew Nova August 4, 2008
In Memoriam Swift image of SN 2008D May 26, 2008
Home of the Whopper? Swift Detection of naked-eye GRB March 24, 2008
SN X-ray Progenitor? SN Type Ia Progenitor? February 18, 2008
Homeless Homeless Burst January 7, 2008
Fireworks Swift/UVOT image of double supernovae July 2, 2007
Does 2006gy = 2007 Eta Car? IR and X-ray images of SN 2006gy May 14, 2007
Twenty Years in the Making HST/Chandra images of SN 1987a February 26, 2007
The Long and the Short of It Swift hybrid GRB January 8, 2007
Oddball GRB Swift Oddball GRB March 6, 2006
Land of the SuperGiants INTEGRAL SXRB transient December 12, 2005
Unraveling the Short-Burst Mystery Location of GRB 050709 October 10, 2005
Long Ago and Far Away Afterglow of GRB 050904 September 19, 2005
When Stars Collide Artist conception of a neutron star merger May 23, 2005
The Grail's Host Host galaxy of GRB970228 April 18, 2005
Shaking the Fields Extremely Bright Burst from a Magnetar February 21, 2005
First BAT Burst First BAT GRB January 17, 2005
Cosmic Chrysanthemum Illustration of GRB 020813 July 5, 2004
Fog Lights GRB halo February 2, 2004
Flashers X-ray Transients in NGC 1637 November 3, 2003
Busy Month of Bursts GRB Precusors? March 31, 2003
INTEGRAL Spots a Burst IBIS Burst Image January 20, 2003
Escape from a Black Hole X-ray Jet from XTEJ1550-564 October 21, 2002
In Real Time HETE2 GRB 021004 localization October 7, 2002
The Magnetic Connection AXP X-ray burst September 30, 2002
Chasing the Wild Burst GRB 020819-HET2 & IPN August 26, 2002
Post-mortem of a Monster's Death GRB 011211 spectrum April 8, 2002
Death of a Faraway Star SN2002ap/XMM March 11, 2002
Caught in the Act GRB011211/XMM-Newton February 25, 2002
Best Looking Burst CHANDRA/GRB010222 April 9, 2001
The Bursting Universe BATSE burst map January 22, 2001
GRB Wrinkles Ironed Out? Chandra/GRB 991216 November 6, 2000
Pinpointing an Elusive Burst GRB 990510 September 11, 2000
Variations in the X-ray Sky ASM movie Frame Feb 7, 2000
X-ray Afterglow of a Gamma-Ray Burst: The Grail Found? GRB 970228 Dec 27, 1999

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