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ADDRMF (Jun94)               ftools.caltools              ADDRMF (Jun94)

    ADDRMF -- Add together RMFs
    addrmf [ []]
    addrmf  [rmffile=]
    addrmf [file1,file2,..] [wt1,wt2,...] [rmffile=]
    ADDRMF adds together two or more RMFs. A  weighting  factor  may  be
    applied  to  each input RMF.   To average RMFs, total weights should
    add up to 1.0.  To add RMFs, each individual weight should  be  1.0.
    The  header  and  energy bounds extensions are copied from the first
    input  RMF.  Some  checking  is  done  to ensure   that   compatible
    RMFs  are added however thought is advised before using this tool.
    list [string]
        The input to this parameter can either be a list of  RMF  files,
        or  can  be  the name of an ASCII file containing  such  a  list
        of  files  (one  per  line) and weighting factors for the  RMFs.
        Note  that  for  long  parameter  values  (e.g.  high  precision 
        weights),  parameter  values  read  from  the  command  line are
        limited to 1024 chars and an ASCII file should be  used  instead
        if  parameter lengths may exceed this number.  Each line  of the
        file should contain the RMF  name  followed  by  a  real  number
        giving  the  weighting  to  be  applied  to   this  RMF  in  the
        summation.   In  case of, an ascii file is  used,  the  name  of
        the  ASCII   file   should   be   preceeded   by   a,   '@'  (eg 
        @file_list  instructs   the   task   to  open  the  ASCII   file 
        file_list,  and  read  the  RMF filenames from it).  The  number
        of  RMF  files  cannot exceed 2500.
    weights [string]
        Weighting   factors   for   the   RMFs   given  via   the   list 
        parameter.   User  is  asked  for  this  parameter when name  of
        RMFs are  given and   not   the   ascii  file.   The  number  of
        values  and  ordering  MUST  be  the  same  as for the filenames
        specified by  the list parameter. The input  to  this  parameter
        is a list of reals.
    rmffile [string]
        The name of the output RMF file.
    clobber [bool]
        If  clobber  = yes then overwrite the RMF file if a file of this
        name already exists.
    Add together the RMFs foo.rmf and goo.rmf with equal  weighting  and
    write  the  answer  to  hoo.rmf. First create file.list containing :
            foo.rmf  0.5
            goo.rmf  0.5
    then :
         ca> addrmf @file.list hoo.rmf
         ca> addrmf foo.rmf,goo.rmf 0.5,0.5 hoo.rmf
    When  adding  together  responses  from  different  detectors   (for 
    example  individual  PCU  in  the RXTE PCA), use a weight of 1.0 for
    each individual file.  This is required for  the  following  reason:
    One  detector  receives X counts, so N detectors receive N*X counts.
    The matrix for one detector has approximately  1400  cm^2.   So  the
    matrix  for  a  combined  PHA  spectrum  with  N*X  counts must have
    approximately N*1400 cm^2.
           ca> addrmf pcu0.rmf,pcu1.rmf,pcu3.rmf 1.0,1.0,1.0 pcu_013.rmf


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