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CALDFLAG (Jun97)             ftools.caltools            CALDFLAG (Jun97)

    caldbflag -- switches flag status of calibration files in a CIF
    mission instrument alias inpfile flag1 switch1 flag2  switch2  flag3
    switch3  flag4  switch4  flag7 switch7 flag8 switch8 flag10 switch10
    flag12 switch12 origin flag13 swit13 flag14 swit14
    (calfexp) (chatter) (mode)
     This task is a maintenance task for CALDB  managers.  For  a  given
    calibration  dataset  listed  within  a local Calibration Index File
    (CIF), the task enables 1 or  more  CIF  flags  to  be  switched  to
    requested  values  (at the EXTENSION level). THIS TASK SHOULD BE RUN
    input, the task requires :
    (i)  an ASCII file containing a list of calibration files whose flag
    status is to be changed. FOR EACH FILE the path to the  file  should
    be         given        AND        the        extension         i.e.       
    (ii) the mission & instrument whose CIF is to be updated.
    (iii) the name of any  alias  for  this  instrument  (doesnt  matter
    which  is  entered)        i.e.  for  ASCA XRT the aliases are XRT1,
    XRT2, XRT3, XRT4            for ASCA SIS the aliases are SIS0,  SIS1
               for  ASCA  XRT  the aliases are GIS2, GIS3            for
    ROSAT PSPC the aliases are PSPCB, PSPCC
         If an  instrument  has  no  alias  (i.e.  XTE  PCA)  then  just
    re-enter the name of the instrument (i.e. PCA).
    The  alias  info  is  required  by a subroutine which determines the
    path to a CIF.
    (iii) the names of the CIF flags  (equivalent  to  CIF  columns)  to
    (iv) the NEW value for each CIF flag.
    The  input  ASCII  file  consists of one entry (filename[#extn]) per
    row. The task parses  each  entry,  separating  the  filename[#extn]
    from  any  directory path. This i/p filename[#extn] is then compared
    to entries in the CIF. If a match is found then the  status  of  the
    requested flag(s) for that file is updated appropriately in the CIF.
    The  CIF  flags  whose  values  (status)  may be switched are: flag1
    (CIF  column  CAL_DEV)   On/off-line  status  flag2    (CIF   column 
    CAL_CLAS)  OGIP  class  flag3  (CIF column CAL_DTYP) OGIP Caldb data
    type flag4  (CIF column CAL_CNAM) OGIP data set flag7   (CIF  column
    CAL_VSD)   Validity Start Date flag8  (CIF column CAL_VST)  Validity
    Start Time flag10 (CIF column CAL_QUAL)  Data  quality  flag  flag12
    (CIF   column   CAL_DESC)  Description  string  flag13  (CIF  column 
    CAL_ORIG) flag to indicate (place) origin of cal  data  flag14  (CIF
    column DETNAM) Name of detector
    CAL_DESC, CAL_ORIG, DETNAM: the NEW input value merely replaces  the
    old value.
    Flag  CAL_DEV  slightly more complex : In cases when files are being
    taken off-line (the ASCII list  should  therefore  contain  ALL  the
    [#extn]  of  that  file),  the  path  to  (but  NOT the name of) the
    calibration file is removed from the CAL_DIR & CAL_FILE  columns  in
    the  CIF. This is to allow for the possibility that the file will be
    restored back on-line in a different location.
    In cases when files are being  put  back  on-line  (the  ASCII  list
    should  therefore contain ALL the [#extn] of that file), any path to
    the file given via the i/p ASCII file is  compared  to  the  current
    working  directory.The task then attempts to determine the full path
    to the file and checks whether it exists. If so  (meaning  the  task
    was  indeed  successfully  able  to  determine  the full path to the
    file), this path  is  written  to  the  appropriate  row(s)  of  the
    CAL_DIR column in the CIF.
    General  Points  : The i/p ASCII file may contain blank lines, which
    will be ignored.  In addition, lines  in  the  ASCII  file  starting
    with  the  character  # will be considered comment cards and also be
    ignored. The calibration filenames  may  include  local  path  names
    (since  to determine filename matches, all files, including those in
    the  CIF,  are  stripped  of  their  paths).  Appropriate  Errors  & 
    Warnings  are  issued  if a calibration file given in the ASCII file
    does not exist in the CIF, already has the  flag  status  requested,
    or  (in the case of switches to the CAL_DEV flag), when caldbflag is
    unable to determine the full path to the newly restored file.
    mission [character string]
         The user-supplied string for the mission name.
    instrument [character string]
         The user-supplied string for the instrument name.
    alias [character string]
         The name of the instrument alias
    inpfile [character string]
         The name of the user  ASCII  file  containing  the  calibration
        files whose CIF flag  status is to be changed.
    flag1 [logical]
         User-supplied request to switch CAL_DEV flag in CIF.
        switch1 [character string]
             New value supplied to CAL_DEV.
        flag2 [logical]
             User-supplied request to switch CAL_CLAS flag in CIF.
            switch2 [character string]
                 New value supplied to CAL_CLAS.
            flag3 [logical]
                 User-supplied request to switch CAL_DTYP flag in CIF.
                switch3 [character string]
                     New value supplied to CAL_DTYP.
                flag4 [logical]
                     User-supplied  request  to  switch CAL_CNAM flag in
                    switch4 [character string]
                         New value supplied to CAL_CNAM.
                    flag7 [logical]
                         User-supplied request to  switch  CAL_VSD  flag
                        in CIF.
                        switch7 [character string]
                             New value supplied to CAL_VSD.
                        flag8 [logical]
                             User-supplied  request  to  switch  CAL_VST 
                            flag in CIF.
                            switch8 [character string]
                                 New value supplied to CAL_VST.
                            flag10 [logical]
                                 User-supplied   request    to    switch  
                                CAL_QUAL flag in CIF.
                                switch10 [character string]
                                     New value supplied to CAL_QUAL.
                                flag12 [logical]
                                     User-supplied   request  to  switch 
                                    CAL_DESC flag in CIF.
                                    switch12 [character string]
                                         New value supplied to CAL_DESC
                                    origin [logical]
                                         User-supplied  information   as 
                                        to    whether    CIF    contains   
                                        CAL_ORIG column.
                                    flag13 [logical]
                                         User-supplied    request     to   
                                        switch CAL_ORIG flag in CIF.
                                        switch13 [character string]
                                             New   value   supplied   to  
                                        flag14 [logical]
                                             User-supplied  request   to 
                                            switch DETNAM flag in CIF.
                                            switch14 [character string]
                                                 New  value  supplied to
                                            (calfexp=CALDB) [character string] 
                                                 The   name    of    the  
                                                environment variable.
                                            (chatter = 9) [integer]
                                                 Flag  to  indicate  how 
                                                chatty the  task  is  at
                                                execution.  A value of 9
                                                is  the   default,  with 
                                                lower/higher      values     
                                                quieter/verbose   output  
                                            (mode = "ql") [character string]
    None known
    v1.0.0 (1996 Aug)
            original  version  (Lorraine  Breedon)     v1.1.0 (1997 Jan)
            adapted to account for file  extensions  (Lorraine  Breedon)
            v1.2.0  (1997  Jun)      adapted  to  account  for extra CIF
        column  CAL_ORIGIN  (Lorraine  Breedon)      v1.3.0  (1997  Dec) 
            included option to switch DETNAM flag (Lorraine Breedon)
    Lorraine Breedon
    (301) 286-1364

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