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CALDBINFO (95Dec)            ftools.caltools           CALDBINFO (95Dec)

    CALDBINFO -- Checks whether a local  CALDB  is  correctly  installed
    for a user
    caldbinfo infomode
    This  task will check and report back on whether a local Calibration
    Database (Caldb) appears to be correctly set-up and accessible to  a
    user.  The level of checking and detail of the reporting depend upon
    the user-defined parameters infomode and chatter as described below.
    Any error messages returned by this task  indicate  that  the  local
    Caldb  is  not  correctly  set-up or accessible to the user. This is
    likely to prevent a number of ftools from using the Caldb.  In  such
    cases users should:
        re-run  caldbinfo,  but  with  the  chatter  flag  set  high (eg
        chatter=30).  Hopefully  the  resultant  informational  messages 
        will partially illuminate the problem.
        check   the   steps   outlined   in   the   Caldb   Users  Guide 
        (CAL/GEN/94-002), and/or contact their local Caldb Manager
        if problems remain with the local Caldb set-up or  allowing  the
        user  to  obtaining  access  to  the  local  Caldb,  then e-mail (including the  results  obtained
        when caldbinfo is run at high chatter)
    infomode [string] 
        This  parameter controls to what level the putative Caldb set-up
        is tested.  For infomode=BASIC, the task simply checks that  the
        two  environment  variables (or logicals under VMS) required for
        the Caldb  are  defined.   For  infomode=INST,  in  addition  to
        performing  the checks for infomode=BASIC, the tasks it can find
        entries for a  user-defined  mission/instrument  combination  in
        the  Caldb  Configuration file. At high chatter, the location of
        the relevant files and directories are reported upon. The  mode,
        infomode=FULL, is reserved for future use.
    mission [string]
        The  name  of the mission for which the Caldb Configuration file
        is  to  be  searched.  This  parameter  is  only  required  when 
    instrument [string]
        The  name  of  the  instrument for which the Caldb Configuration
        file is to be searched. This parameter  is  only  required  when
    (chatter = 9) [integer]
        Flag  to  indicate  how chatty the task is at execution. A value
        of  9  is  the  default,  with  lower/higher  values   producing 
        quieter/verbose  output  respectively.   A  value  of  chatter=0 
        gives totally  silent  running,  with  the  exception  of  error
        messages.  For  all values of chatter, a message will be written
        to STDERR if any errors are encountered.
    1.  Do a basic (but silent) check that the Caldb is set-up
     ca> caldbinfo infomode=BASIC chatter=0
    2. Do a  basic  check  that  the  Caldb  is  set-up,  but  reporting
    detailed information to STDOUT
     ca> caldbinfo infomode=BASIC chatter=20
    3.  Silently check that the Caldb is set-up & accessible for a given
    mission/instrument combination
     ca> caldbinfo infomode=INST chatter=0 mission=XTE instrument=PCA
    none known
    crcif, quzcif
    v1.0.0 (1995 Jul)
            First public release
    Ian M George
    (301) 286-6094

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