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CHKCIF (Jul95)               ftools.caltools              CHKCIF (Jul95)

    CHKCIF -- Check entries in a Calibration Index File
    chkcif (ciffile)
    This task will examine the entries in a specified Calibration  Index
    File.   The CIF can be named on the command line (eg, ciffile=mycif)
    otherwise the user will be prompted  for  the  desired  mission  and
    instrument.  An  attempt  will be made to open each calibration file
    listed in the CIF and to advance to the proper extension. Errors  in
    opening/advancing  the  files are reported to either a logfile or to
    the standard output as specified in the outfile parameter.
    mission [string]
        The name of the mission for which selected  datasets  should  be
        valid.  Only prompted for if ciffile not equal to "CALDB".
    instrument [string]
        The  name  of  the  instrument  for  which the selected datasets
        should be valid.  Only prompted for  if  ciffile  not  equal  to
    outfile = STDOUT [string]
        The  name  of the output ASCII file.  If outfile = 'STDOUT' then
        the output  will  be  written  to  the  standard  output  device
        (usually  the  users  terminal)  rather  than to a file.  If the
        first character of outfile is !, an existing file  of  the  same
        name will be overwritten.
    (ciffile = CALDB) [string]
        The  name  of  the  CIF to be checked.  This parameter is set to
        CALDB  by  default,  whereupon  the  environment   variables/VMS 
        logicals  are  used  to  locate  the  caldb.config file (and the
        mission and instrument parameters are ignored).
    (chatter = 9) [integer]
        Flag to indicate how chatty the task is at  execution.  A  value
        of   9  is  the  default,  with  lower/higher  values  producing 
        quieter/verbose  output  respectively.   A  value  of  chatter=0 
        gives  totally  silent  running,  with  the  exception  of error
    (page = no) [boolean]
        If true, and if the output is sent to STDOUT,  the  output  will
        be paged, so that user is prompted after every 24 lines.
    (clobber = no) [boolean]
        Whether  to overwrite an existing output file. Can be overridden
        by using !filename.
    (more = yes) [boolean]
        Whether to continue paging, or just quit at  this  point.   This
        parameter  should  not  be  entered  on the command line, and is
        only used for output to the screen.
    1.  Check a CIF listed in the caldb.config file
     ca> chkcif mission=asca instrument=sis0
    2.  Check a CIF called cif.temp
     ca> chkcif ciffile=cif.temp
    none known
    crcif, quzcif
    v1.0.0 (1995 Jul)
            First public release
    Ian M George
    (301) 286-6094

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