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LSTGOOD (Jul95)              ftools.caltools             LSTGOOD (Jul95)

    LSTGOOD -- List "good" files found in a Calibration Index File
    lstgood (ciffile)
    This  task  will  run through a specified Calibration Index File and
    list (to  outfile)  the  full  pathname  of  each  calibration  file
    EXTENSION  which  is flagged as ONLINE and of good quality.  The CIF
    can be named on the command line (eg, ciffile=mycif)  otherwise  the
    user will be prompted for the desired mission and instrument.
    mission [string]
        The  name  of  the mission for which selected datasets should be
        valid.  Only prompted for if ciffile not equal to "CALDB".
    instrument [string]
        The name of the  instrument  for  which  the  selected  datasets
        should  be  valid.   Only  prompted  for if ciffile not equal to
    outfile = STDOUT [string]
        The name of the output ASCII file.  If outfile =  'STDOUT'  then
        the  output  will  be  written  to  the  standard  output device
        (usually the users terminal) rather than  to  a  file.   If  the
        first  character  of  outfile is !, an existing file of the same
        name will be overwritten.
    (ciffile = CALDB) [string]
        The name of the CIF to be used.  This parameter is set to  CALDB
        by  default,  whereupon  the  environment variables/VMS logicals
        are used to locate the caldb.config file (and  the  mission  and
        instrument parameters are ignored).
    (page = no) [boolean]
        If  true,  and  if the output is sent to STDOUT, the output will
        be paged, so that user is prompted after every 24 lines.
    (clobber = no) [boolean]
        Whether to overwrite an existing output file. Can be  overridden
        by using !filename.
    (more = yes) [boolean]
        Whether  to  continue  paging, or just quit at this point.  This
        parameter should not be entered on  the  command  line,  and  is
        only used for output to the screen.
    1.  List good files for a CIF listed in the caldb.config file
     ca> lstgood mission=asca instrument=sis0 outfile=asca.good
    2.  List good files from a CIF called cif.temp
     ca> lstgood ciffile=cif.temp outfile=tmp.out
    v1.0.0 (1995 Jul)
            original  version  (Mike  Tripicco)      v1.1.0  (1997  Jan) 
            adapted to account for file extensions (Lorraine Breedon)
    chkcif, crcif, quzcif

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