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MKCALDB (Sep94)              ftools.caltools             MKCALDB (Sep94)

    mkcaldb -- Create a Calibration Database
    mkcaldb files
    Creates a calibration database.  The current  working  directory  is
    assumed  to  be  the  top  level  directory  of  the  CALDB, and the
    caldbconfig  file   is   assumed   to   be   in   the   subdirectory 
    'software/tools'.   The  environment  variables  (or logicals) CALDB
    and CALDBCONFIG are set using these  assumptions.   The  appropriate
    caldbinit  file  (software/tools/caldbinit.unix)  is generated along
    with   the    CALDB    directories    specified    in    the    file  
    software/tools/caldb.config  file;  this file must be created by the
    user      prior      to      running      mkcaldb       -       (see  for an
    example of this file).   The  caldbinit  file  contains  the  system
    specific  commands used to create the CALDB environment variables or
    logicals.  The CALDB directory structure is created along  with  the
    Calibration  Index  Files.   This  step  is performed by reading the
    CALDBCONFIG  file,  which  this  task  expects  to   find   in   the 
    "software/tools"   or  "[]"  subdirectory.   It  also 
    expects  this  file  to  be   called   "caldb.config".    For   more 
    information  about  the  format  and substance of this file, see the
    caldb.config header comments or the Caldb  User's  Guide.   Finally,
    any  calibration  files  specified  by  the  user are moved into the
    Caldb using the callib routine  STRCAL.  This  routine  checks  Each
    calibration  file  is  searched  for  the  TELESCOP,  INSTRUME,  and 
    CTYP0001  keywords.   The  values  of  the  TELESCOP  and   INSTRUME 
    keywords  are used when consulting the caldbconfig file to learn the
    location of the top level instrument directory.  The values  of  the
    CALDB  keyword  set in the headers of the calibration files are used
    to determine the appropriate subdirectory for the file in the CALDB.
    Should any errors occurr durring the execution  of  this  task,  the
    user  will  be  told,  but  the  task will continue to execute in an
    effort to do as much as possible toward the creation of a Caldb.
    files [string]
        The names of any calibration files to be stored  in  the  Caldb.
        The  list  should  be  space  separated.  If  no files are to be
        stored, a  space  character  can  be  input.  Use  @filename  to
        specify  the  name  of a simple ASCII file which contains a list
        of the calibration files to be stored.
    (configdir = software/tools) [string]
        Path  to  the  file  defined  by  the  CALDBCONFIG   environment 
        variable  (or  logical).   The default value (software/tools) is
        the standard location within the  local  CALDB  directory  tree.
        This  parameter  should  only be altered by local CALDB managers
        who know what they are doing as an incorrect value may  lead  to
        failure  of  the  task and/or multiple copies of the CALDB being
        installed on their system.
    (chatter = 9) [integer]
        Flag to indicate how chatty the task is at  execution.  A  value
        of   9  is  the  default,  with  lower/higher  values  producing 
        quieter/verbose  output  respectively.   A  value  of  chatter=0 
        gives  totally  silent  running,  with  the  exception  of error
    1.  Create a Caldb and store all the  calibration  files  listed  in
    "file.list"  in  it. Also, print informational messages, so that the
    user can see what is happening.
         example> mkcaldb @file.list chatter=20
    None known
    v1.0.0 (1994 Sept)
            First public release
    Ian M George
    (301) 286-6094

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