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MUDCIF (Jan00)               ftools.caltools              MUDCIF (Jan00)

    mudcif -- many updates to a Calibration Index File (CIF)
    inpfile (calfexp) (qualswitch) (chatter) (mode)
    MUDCIF is a maintenance task  for  CALDB  managers.   It  updates  a
    caldb.indx   for   a   HEASARC-SUPPORTED   mission  which  has  been 
    customised by the  inclusion  of  non-HEASARC-supported  calibration
    files  (i.e.  responses,  effective  areas, etc, which may have been
    produced by a local CALDB user).  Essentially  it  indexes  any  new
    calibration  file(s)  provided  by  the  HEASARC and flags the older
    versions  of   the   new   dataset(s)   as   bad   (while   ignoring 
    personal/locally  produced  datasets,  thus  ensuring they are still
    accessible to the s/w).
    MUDCIF has been designed primarily to  be  called  from  within  the
    .perl  script  MANAGE_CALDB_LOCAL.perl,  however it may also be used
    as a standalone task.
    ****************IMPORTANT ****************************
    PRIOR TO USING  MUDCIF  (either  from  within  the  perl  script  or
    standalone)  you  must  have  already  added 'local' datasets to the
    mission in your Caldb.  Instructions on how to do this are  detailed
    in the OGIP memo CAL/GEN/92-015 "CALDB Management Guide"
    Available from anonymous ftp on as
    MUDCIF requires that the cwd is $CALDB
    The  perl  script  sets the cwd to $CALDB and then untars compressed
    tar files  obtained  from  the  HEASARC  (containing  all  the  good
    quality  calibration  files  for  given  mission/instruments )...the
    final tarred file on each tar file being  'data/input.ASCII'.   This
    file  contains  4  lines : name of mission, name of instrument, name
    of instrument alias  and  name  of  a  'special'  ASCII  file.   The
    'special'  ASCII  file  contains  a  list  of all the HEASARC 'good'
    quality calibration files appropriate  for  the  given  mission  and
    instrument; together with last modification date' info.
    MUDCIF  reads  all  4 lines of 'data/input.ASCII' and then opens the
    'special' ASCII file.
    (i) For any file extension in the ASCII list which is  also  in  the
    CIF   whose   'last   modification  date'  is  later  than  its  CIF 
    installation date ---> OVERWRITE the row in the CIF  for  this  file
    extension to describe the more recently changed dataset
    (ii)  For  any file extension in the ASCII list which is also in the
    CIF whose 'last modification date' is earlier or equal  to  its  CIF
    installation date ---> DO NOTHING !
    (iii)  For  any file extension in the ASCII list which is NOT listed
    in the CIF ---> ADD a new row (1 for each  INSTRUME  alias)  to  the
    end  of  the  CIF.  These  rows  contain the keyword values from the
    header of the new cal file extension.
    (iv) For any file extension in the CIF NOT listed in the ASCII  list
    ---->  switch  the quality flags in the CIF for these files to 'bad'
    PLEASE SEE THE HELP FILE FOR UDCIF  for  more  detailed  information
    concerning the CIF updating and overwriting.
    inpfile [character string]
         The name of the user ASCII file (typically data/input.ASCII)
    (calfexp=CALDB) [character string] 
         The name of the environment variable.
    (qualswitch=.true.) [logical] 
         Flag  to  indicate  that  any  cal  files  NOT  present  in the
        'special' ASCII file  but present in the CIF, the  quality  flag
        for  these  files  in  the  CIF  should  automatically be set to
        'bad' =5.
    (chatter = 9) [integer]
         Flag to indicate how chatty the task is at execution.  A  value
        of  9  is  the   default,  with  lower/higher  values  producing 
        quieter/verbose output  respectively.
    (mode = "ql") [character string]
    None known
    v1.0.0 (1996 Oct)
            original version (Lorraine Breedon)      v1.1.0  (1997  Jun)
            adapted   to   account   for  extra  CIF  column  CAL_ORIGIN 
        (Lorraine Breedon)
    Lorraine Breedon
    (301) 286-1364

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